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The Dreamfly


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The Dreamfly
Tax ID: 90-0750005
BASED: Seattle, WA, United States


The Dreamfly

Our Mission

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our dream is to work with communities in conflict to come together and co-invest in a better, unified future for each other. With the help of the citizens of the world that share our dream, by involving local communities, by adopting and pursuing causes that further education, exposure, and empowerment of a generation to craft a new future, we hope to create a human connection that’s inviolable by culture, religion, or politics.

Working with our partner, The Citizens Foundation, we operate a school in Akri, Pakistan that educates more than 135 students. In Afghanistan, we have partnered with Rubia to open a Design Center, which educated and trained 550 Afghan women on the skills of becoming conflict resolvers, family health and hygiene, women’s rights to education and voting,  and banning child marriage.  The women also practiced vocational skills in embroidery and were paid a living wage to support their families. In an effort to bring together Hindus and Muslims, we have opened a computer lab in Ulebedia, India, which serves 2800 students encouraging them to work together on projects that foster a common understanding. We are also working in a reclamation village in Rwanda, improving a school that educates Hutu and Tutsi children to bring a new future after the country's horrible genocide.



Tax ID: 90-0750005 •


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