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The Fairmanators

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Vesalius Trust for Visual Communication in the Health Sciences wrote -

First, you've been invited to help raise money for The Fairmanators benefiting Vesalius Trust for Visual Communication in the Health Sciences!!! Thanks so much for making the first step to visit this page! Please Join the Fairmanator Team!


Second, here's what, where, when and why:

What: Competitive Treasure Hunt (Live! At the 2014 AMI Meeting)
When: Saturday, July 26th@ 6:30pm – 8:15pm
Where: Downtown Rochester, MN – The Plaza

This year, the VT Live Auction will consist of a competitive treasure hunt! Teams will unlock clues by raising money before and during the auction, which will lead to Vesalius prints hidden all over The Plaza. The team that finds and correctly identifies the most prints wins bragging rights for life, and a prize for each team member! All team members will receive swag for participating (but winning is recommended).

The Mission

1) Show up on Saturday evening at the Vesalius Trust Live Auction, and to raisemoney for the coolest Foundation in the biz.

2) Between now and Saturday, July 26th, raise as much money as you can using the Fairmanators Team CrowdRise web page that will be provided for you and your team. The more money you raise now, the bigger advantage your team will have during the treasure hunt!

3) Show up at The Plaza at the AMI meeting, Saturday, July 26th 7:15pm. Dress foraction!

The Details

• Each team will consist of as many individuals as you can recruit, but we’ll needat least 4.
• Each team will have two Crews; the Field Crew and the Arena Crew.
• The Arena Crew will solicit and report donations from the audience during theevent – by any means necessary, and will also be responsible for relaying cluesto the Field Crew.
• The Field Crew will be responsible for running around like maniacs (safetyfirst, of course) solving clues and identifying the hidden Vesalius prints. Whenthey discover a print by solving a clue, they will run the prints to the ArenaCrew and get their next clue if the funds are there to buy one.
• Vesalius postcard prints will be hidden all over The Plaza, and clues to theirlocation and content will be “earned” based on the amount raised by the Arenacrew (and leading up to the event). The faster the Field Crew solves clues, thefaster the Arena Crew needs to raise money to unlock more clues!
• The Team’s point totals and amount raised will be projected in real-time on adisplay at the end of the plaza for all to see!
• The team with the most points when the horn sounds wins bragging rights for lifeand a prize for each team member.

• Arena Crews can raise funds BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Act like maniacs,dress up in costumes, fly in your rich uncle to write a massive check, bribepeople with food or free high-fives. Just remember you have to see these peopleon Sunday morning, and you probably work with some of them. Don’t doanything you’ll have to apologize for later.

• The Plaza will be dominated by med ills during the event, but it is a public spaceand there are restaurants and shops that will be open during the event. FieldCrews, please be respectful of others. Also, feel free to wear running shoes,spandex, and neon leg warmers.

Money Matters

• Talk to your friends and family and let them know what they are doing for medicalillustration education. It’s like donating for somebody to run/walk for the cure, onlythey’re donating to their favorite medical illustrator to support medical illustrationeducation and research activities, initiatives, and efforts.

• A Fairmanator Team CrowdRise on‐line donation site is set up at for easy payment and tracking. Detailswill be given to each team as the specifics are finalized in a separate document.This was a large part of the auction activity last year. It makes it very easy forpeople to donate and generated a large amount of competition between theteams. This year, the donations will have a DIRECT IMPACT on your team’schance to win.

Any Last Words?

If you have any questions/comments/concerns or just want to talk about how awesome being a medical illustrator is, contact one of these guys:
Jeni Fairman, Fairmanators Team Captain, Craig Foster ( Nick Klein (


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