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March 27, 2011

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BENEFITING: World Wildlife Fund

Bethany Brandt


Many amimals that were once thriving in the wilderness are now finding their lives to be in jeapordy. Habitat destruction and murder are the most common causes of this animal suffering. "Activities" such as whaling, and fur trapping are brutal and causes the animals to suffer before finally dying. Victims of fur trapping are captured by the leghold trap, the body grip, and the wire snare. Struggling to get free, many animlas lose several teeth. If the animals are still alive, trappers often stomp on their chests or beat their skulls in. All of this torture just for fur coats, which we don't need in order to survive. Of course, other forms of animal killing, such as hunting for sport, are very common and highly contribute to the extinction of magnificent animals. Amongst the endangered list are: species of elephants, whales, birds, and primates, red wolves, red pandas, cheetahs, snow leopardss, tigers, chinchillas, and many many more. These beautiful animals need our help before it's too late. Humans are the cause of their extinction, and now it is also our job to save them.



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