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The Focus Foundationis the first and only research-based agency exclusively dedicated to identifying and helping children who have X & Y Variations (also called X & Y Chromosomal Variations or Sex Chromosome Disorders), Dyslexia and/or Developmental Dyspraxia, conditions that lead to language-based disabilities, motor planning deficits, reading dysfunction, and attention and behavioral disorders.  The Focus Foundation believes that through increased awareness, early identification and syndrome-specific treatment, children with these conditions can reach their full potential.

X & Y Variations are common but frequently undiagnosed genetic conditions that differ from the normal sex chromosome pairings of XX for females and XY for males. Due to a chromosomal mistake that produces additional X or Y chromosome to the normal complement of 46, the resulting total of 47 chromosomes (or more) may impact a child's developing central nervous system and his or her body condition.

The Focus Foundation has assembled an experienced and dedicated team of scientists, scholars, educators, health care providers, fundraising and marketing experts, and passionate volunteers to work together on these issues and help change children’s lives.  Research is conducted and partnerships are made with pharmaceutical and other corporate sponsors.  These partnerships help to fund research, educate and train medical and health professionals and the community about the red flags of developmental disturbances, brain-based intervention and syndrome-specific treatment.

By educating, training and replicating our efforts and results throughout the country (and, when opportunity allows, abroad), the lives of millions of children and their families can be greatly improved.  The Focus Foundation helps these children by working with healthcare providers and parents first toward finding the proper diagnosis and then toward finding a special targeted treatment plan for each child.  With the right intervention these children can perform better in school and become more confident, able and successful then they have ever been.  With our help, all of these children can reach their full potential!