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Garment empowers women in recovery from eating disorders by providing them with new, size-less clothing, individualized for their healthy bodies. Tax ID 82-3380637


It was out of my personal experience with an eating disorder that I realized the important role fashion could play in a healthy recovery. For a long time, I let my ED dictate how I felt about myself and my body, turning simple tasks like shopping for clothes or getting dressed in the morning into paralyzing panic attacks. Clothing sizes often served as my scale, so seeing my closet range in fit was only a reminder of my struggle. It wasn’t until further into my recovery that I began to appreciate the power behind a great outfit, and learn to ignore the arbitrary size that I once tied to my self-worth. My story is not uncommon, so we needed to create a way to help others find confidence through clothing. - Erin Drischler Co-Founder of The Garment Project



How It Works:

We developed relationships with national clothing retailers, treatment facilities, and industry experts and created a tool to give each candidate for our program an individualized online shopping experience, free of sizes and cost.


Garment takes donations of new, never-worn clothing from generous retailers like American Eagle, Modcloth, Rue21, and Aerie. Because sizes can vary dramatically depending on the store or even within a brand, we log accurate measurements of the items we receive and then take the sizing tags off of them. We do this to eliminate the tag having any dictation over someone’s self-worth or success in these crucial stages of their recovery. 


We’ve formed relationships with treatment centers so that when a woman is at a point in her recovery process where she’s ready to give up her eating disorder and listen to her healthy self, her treatment team will help us learn about who they are and what their needs will be. 


With the personality, style, and measurement details we get, we can create a unique shopping site for each individual. On this site, she’ll see clothes from retailers she’s familiar with and items that fit her lifestyle. She can scroll through her private page and easily pick out what she likes. We’ll box everything up and ship it right to her. Anything she doesn’t feel great in or changed her mind on, she can throw in the box and send it back to us for free. 



Garment and CrowdRise:

All funds raised during this CrowdRise campaign will be used to continue our day-to-day mission of creating a unique service for an underserved community. When we reach our goal, we will be eligible for an even greater opportunity. 


Garment and A Community Thrives: 

Garment has submitted to win a grant of $100,000, $50,000, $25,000, $15,000, or $10,000 from A Community Thrives which will be used to bring our services to more women across the globe and expand to serving men in the eating disorder community as well.



An additional $25,000 Fan Favorite grant will be given to the campaign that raises the most money on CrowdRise by May 11!


To learn more about our mission and our work, visit us at