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Everyone on this earth should have an equal opportunity at having the “good life”. Unfortunately children that are born into underprivileged conditions never have a shot at achieving this. Everyone’s idea of a good life is different. Some want millions in the bank with their own private island. Others just want to have a nice family with enough money to get by. Either definition of a good life is neither right nor wrong.

Underprivileged children however may say that the good life to them is enough food, water and a place to sleep. Somewhere they feel safe and comforted. An environment where they can learn and do good for others when their older. The future I want to see is the one with everyone’s needs are satisfied not just a fortunate few.

In an effort to move closer to the goal of making a brighter future for children in need I need your help. I’m only one person, you reading this are only one person, however may drops fill a bucket. Aid me in helping children that need the support of others.

I am a father and husband. Seeing reports of children that are killed by violence, sickness and not having clean water or enough food hurts me. I imagine my child in conditions like that and the heartache it would cause me to not be able to give her a better future. The human race is a family. I was taught my whole life that family always looks out for family. I just see this as helping out another family member in need. The support that I ask is not for me, it’s for others. I can merely only be a spokesmen for children that need our help. I can also only do a small part in making our human family better that’s why I enlist your help. Thank you for your help.



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