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Matthew Crayne from Rock Island IL. to DC

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My name is Matthew Crayne. I'm Marching because we are facing a environmental and humanitarian crisis which is jeopardizing everything that we hold dear. What puzzles me is the fact that we are still having this debate. I'm not a scientist but the information coming from the 97% of the scientific community is quite compelling, especially since we see the evidence all around us. Despite the overwhelming evidence our corporate control media and many politicians still discussed this issue as if there is some sort of rational dissent in the scientific community. I can't find it,the climate change deniers argument holds no water. Which is why we need to send a direct message to the corporate controlled puppets on Capitol Hill. That not all of us are falling for the corporate propaganda. That seems to be manipulating a great deal of our populace, into believing that we need the fossil fuel industry and the corporate farms to maintain healthy economy as if we need them to create jobs. This is a lie! If our politicians were serious about job creation, they would stop funneling our nation's wealth into corrupt corporations that seem to be concerned with nothing more than their bottom line. What we need is politicians that are going to hold these criminals accountable and shift the wealth back where it belongs, with the people. What people need to realize is that the sociopaths that are controlling the wealth are not looking out for your best interest. They are exploiting people all over the world. If these are the jobs you're fighting for. You really should reconsider a different position. How about turning our concrete and asphalt roads in the solar roads. Not only would it take care of our energy needs in a responsible way we would see a boom in our economy that would make any tea bagger, proud to be an American. Or maybe instead of subsidizing corporate farms. We should be putting those resources into organic farming. Producing food in our own communities stimulating jobs that even your most hardened Clinton supporter could appreciate. And to the people who don't think this is economically feasible. The resources are there, we just need to redistribute the wealth take back the power that was stolen from the people. We Can't solve our problems with greed and hatred. Maybe we should try loving cooperation. Only then might we finally realize our true potential!


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Proud of you, Matt! 5 years ago