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The Green Is Good's Cannabus Tour

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Here is the plan. We currently have a Cannabus that is an old converted school bus that is good for regional travel, but does have it's issues. She gets more attention driving down the road than a hot blonde in a bikini and we want to share her with the rest of the country, but we need your help to do that! What we are looking for is to raise enough money to begin a coast to coast tour beginning in Virginia Beach, Va heading through the lower half of the country, go up through California, be in Boulder for 4-20-2013, and then continue through the northern part of the country until finally ending in Washington DC! Since the response has been so incredibly overwhelming with the current Cannabus, we wanted to give everyone a chance to partake in it! What we need is money for a newer bus that we can renovate. We do all the conversion ourselves as well as all engine work. Quite simply, the more money we raise, the bigger and badder the bus can be, the more towns we can stop in, the more people we can reach, and the more support we can gain for the movement!! We are a dedicated group of volunteers that are giving up 6 months of our life to tour the country on the mission to bring marijuana legalization to our country!



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