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The Green School Of The Future For Kids

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What is it The Green School of the Little Dreamer?

The Green School “Little Dreamer” is the only one that applies an innovative, leading-edge, and unique method in educating talented children between the ages of 12 and 17 absolutely free of charge.

How and what does the school teach the children?

The unique education in the field of green technology carried out at sea is natural and spontaneous and is adjusted to the individual desires, interests and abilities of each one of the children; it is reinforced by the strong and unforgettable emotions; it is carried out through observation, direct contact, exploration and work with functioning high-technology green models and devices, installed and functioning in a natural working environment.

Where and how could the children apply what they have learnt?

Now!! In spheres extremely necessary for the green existence of our planet: ecology, preservation of soil and water resources, energy preservation and saving, renewable alternative energy resources, mechatronics – robotics, green architecture and design of passive green buildings of the future.

What is the benefit for the children?

The education through this innovative, unique, emotional, desired and unforgettable approach develops children’s creativity, mental and physical abilities. Applied by our mentors, teachers and experienced professionals, it provides positive long-lasting results. From a very young age the children have the opportunity to learn about and immerse themselves in green technology and observe working models alongside experts in the field. They will choose reely and independently the right way towards their personal and creative development, future realization and prosperity, and do it in a natural environment, in the open, at the seaside and on board of a sailing yacht equipped with multiple working green technology models-wind, air, water, solar and others.

Who is the Little Dreamer? Maybe you? Maybe I? Probably we all see him, in ourselves and near us, but we hardly ever have the time or the opportunity to talk to him. Let’s try it now!

Being a NGO organization, we have set ourselves ambitious, but realistic and achievable goals. In this campaign for help these goals become goals of our sponsors and of everyone who supports us. A lot of people, organizations and companies in industry have already supported us. Leading companies such as Siemens, Festo, Schneider Electric, Chevron and Toshiba approve of and share the ideas of the project.

We realize the responsibility and the difficulty of the mission we are facing. We know that the green revolution in education cannot happen overnight. But we also believe that if we, together, sow the field, water and look after it soon we will be able to enjoy its first harvest.

The main objective of the educational program NGO “Little Dreamer” is to give chance to all willing talented and creative children, aged between 12 and 17, as well as to children with limited financial resources, deprived of parental care or victims of disasters and accidents, to be able to gain this basic knowledge for free, and to direct their attention and potentials and future development in the following areas: 

Ecology - application of high technologies in nature      and environment protection.
Renewable energy resources and technologies.
Energy saving – basics of environmental engineering, ,industrial automation and mechatronics.
Buildings and cities of the future inspired by the history and the present – basics  of avant-garde engineering.
Protection of water, seas, oceans and their resources.
Environmentally friendly marine navigation and sailing  - ecology.
Basics of sailing: marine knots, basics of navigation, GMDSS and rescue devices; ethics and behaviour on board of a sailing yacht; practical training in ship navigation.

I believe in this endeavour!

Through this innovative and grandiose in its scope and importance educational project, we would like to combine the pleasure and the harmony of a voluntary and real education. We would like to facilitate the opportunity for professional growth and future realisation of children, doing this in a natural environment, in the open, at the seaside and on board of a sailing yacht. To participate in the program children from America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia will be invited and will be chosen and classified through an online test. The educational programs will be carried out at Aegean seaside and in the beautiful Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains  in mobile scout’s children camps equipped with recreational vehicles /RV`s/. Being on a yacht with all senses heightened is a real treasure for the human soul. Sailing strengthens the body and the spirit, develops the intellect and enriches the general knowledge. Seeing new unknown worlds, cultures and architecture develops and inspires the imagination, provokes creativity. The marine educational programs and sailings will be carried out on board of a sailing yacht “BENETEAU OCEANIS 58”.

OUR MARINE MENTOR AND CAPTAIN:  NIKOLAI DJAMBAZOV and his singlehanded cicumnavigation of the World by way of cape Horn (1983-1985). Learn the incredible story of the great sea captain . The captain of the yacht for the children of Little Dreamer.

These are our goals, these are our dreams - let’s fulfil them together.

For the successful start of the program “Little Dreamer” it is necessary that a sailing yacht “BENETEAU OCEANIS 58” is bought and transported to our base “Lefkas” at the Ionian Sea in the town of Lefkada.

The total amount required for this noble initiative: 763 000.00

In line with the specifics of the sailings and the optimal security requirements for the safety of the children, the above mentioned sailing yacht model offers the necessary comfort for sailing and education of children. On board of the yacht there will be installed functioning green models facilitating the education on the program, related to renewable energy sources from the sun, wind and water, as well as systems that turn sea water into clean drinking water and others.

Every good, genuine and heartfelt cause will find a way on its own.

Time flies relentlessly and we are not children anymore. We have silver in our hair and we are a little different. But we all share the satisfaction of doing this little act of kindness for the Little Dreamer. We lend him a helping hand and lead him on the long way toward his dream – his life! We see him changing and we are there when he opens his eyes and finds himself in a new and a better world, a world that he himself has created. 

And this feeling we will never forget! A travel around the world, an adventure for the Little Dreamer, in which he will become stronger, more clever and skilful!

- “Thank you, my friends”, said the Little Dreamer, “thank you for the time you spent, for your attention and support” Than he waved his wand and under a cloud of stardust he sailed on the waves on the yacht of his childhood, covered with light and happiness. Little sea drops sprinkled him and all together sang him a lullaby. 

Yours faithfully,

Silvi Damyanov

Chairman of the Foundation “Little Dreamer”



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