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The HALO Trust is the world's oldest and largest humanitarian landmine clearance organization. Our mission is to lead the effort to protect lives and restore livelihoods threatened by landmines and the debris of war.


We create safe and secure environments through the removal of landmines and other remnants of war, offer opportunities to rebuild lives and livelihoods, and prepare the way for development and long term stability. In partnership with communities and other agencies, we create safe conditions for infrastructure and development. Our work encourages enterprise and the opportunity for individuals to regain control of their own futures.


In short, we help some of the world’s most vulnerable communities get back on their feet.


HALO, made famous by Princess Diana's minefield visit in 1997, currently employs over 6,000 deminers and works in nineteen countries and territories around the world including: Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Colombia, Georgia/Abkhazia, Ivory Coast, Laos, Kosovo, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nagorno Karabakh, Somalia and Somaliland, Sri Lanka, Syria, Ukraine, the West Bank and Zimbabwe.


Since 1988, HALO has destroyed 1.5 million landmines, 13 million items of larger-caliber ordnance, 175,000 assault rifles and 55 million bullets. These efforts have turned over 12,622 former minefields into safe land for poor communities around the world.


As a result of HALO's global work, thousands of minefields have become cornfields, millions of people have been able to return home and rebuild, and children can now walk to school knowing their next step will be a safe one.