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CROWDRISE : Apr 11, 2014
Tax ID: 36-2827480
BASED: Park Ridge, IL, United States


Our Mission:

The Harbour offers youth safety today and opportunities for a successful tomorrow.

The Harbour, Inc. is a community-based agency providing essential services to runaway, locked-out, and homeless youth primarily in the north and northwest suburbs of Chicago. We have four specific programs: 

Our Safe Harbour Shelter Program provides emergency shelter, crisis intervention, and comprehensive services for homeless and runaway girls ages 12-21. The goal of the Safe Harbour Shelter program is to ensure that temporarily or chronically homeless adolescent girls are safe, receive necessary services, can continue their education, and will be discharged to a safe and stable environment, preferably home. 

Our Transitional Living Program serves 16-21 year-old homeless girls in supervised living while they complete high school and make the transition to self-sufficiency. The goal of the Transitional Living Program is to ensure that youth unable to live at home can complete high school and receive services and support to prepare them to transition to self-sufficiency.

The Independent Living Program serves 16-21 year-old youth in their own apartments as they make the transition to adulthood.  The purpose of the Independent Living program is to help homeless young men and women establish a stable housing situation and achieve economic independence.

Our Successful Teens / Effective Parents (“STEPS”) program provides transitional living and specialized services for homeless pregnant and parenting youth ages 16-21. The goal of the STEPS program is to provide transitional living and social services for the special needs of pregnant and parenting homeless youth. 

Each program was created to fill an unmet community need, providing safe shelter, transitional housing, and comprehensive services to homeless youth ages 12-21. Our objective is to deflect youth from the streets and to maintain them safely in school, employment and the community, while helping them to develop toward their full potential.


History of The Harbour

On a cold December night in 1968, an adolescent girl was locked out of her north suburban Chicago home by her father after she disclosed that he had sexually abused her.  Lacking other options, police took the girl to a detention center for juvenile offenders. This incident inspired local citizens to found The Harbour, in order to provide emergency shelter and services to community youth in crisis. The agency was incorporated in 1971 and began providing emergency shelter to adolescent girls in 1975. Later we expanded our services to meet the needs of homeless youth for whom returning home was not a viable option. The Transitional Living Program was added in 1988, followed by Independent Living in 1998, and most recently STEPS in 2008.

The Harbour has provided exemplary services to community youth and their families since our founding in 1971. Thus, we have 40 years of experience in providing comprehensive social services for youth in crisis who have nowhere else to turn. Since our founding hundreds of youth have passed through our doors who were deflected from homelessness and / or rescued from life on the street, graduated from our programs and are now living independently, are employed or in school (or both), and who contribute to the community.

We are the only agency serving unaccompanied youth over 17 and the only agency providing residential services to pregnant and parenting homeless youth in our 51-community service area.  The Harbour’s accomplishments have been recognized by the Juvenile Justice Department, the U.S. Children’s Bureau, the Beatrice/Esmark Foundation, the Child Welfare League of America, the Council on Accreditation and the United Way. 

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Tax ID: 36-2827480 •


The Harbour

The Harbour

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