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Help me help the hardest working, most selfless man I've ever known

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My name is Griffin and I am starting this campaign for my father, Alan. My father is a US Army veteran who was laid off from his job after the MCI Worldcom bankruptcy in 2003.

In the two years following, my father could not find adequate employment to pay the mortgage, and eventually we lost the family house. Finally in 2008, he was able to find a position for the US Army where he would be stationed in Baghdad, Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

During his time in Baghdad (2 years) he was only able to come visit us in the US for 7 days. He continued to furiously look for employment in the US so that he could be closer to my mother and out of danger, but was unable to find any opportunities. In 2010 he was transferred to work in Kabul, Afghanistan, where he worked for another 2 long years, talking only by phone.

I spoke to my father every week, but with the stories he told of what he had seen, I had come to expect that call from my mother any day that my dad was no more. My mother was a mess, and I had lost hope - Our family was broken. My father's contract finally ended in 2012 and he was able to come back stateside, which was a great relief, but hard times ensued for the man.

About 6 months ago my parents got to the point where they couldn't afford rent anymore and they moved into my grandparents house. My dad currently works for a car dealer 7 days a week, and my mother works 3 jobs, both of them focusing all of their energy selflessly in getting my little sister through college.

My father, for as long as I can remember, did absolutely nothing when I was growing up but work. He was selfless, he asked nothing from others, he only wanted to provide the very best life for his children. I don't even remember ANY hobbies he had, he never had time for hobbies. Seeing this man cry because he cannot support himself hurts me so deep it's unexplainable.

My father's beloved 1998 Mercury Mountaineer that he uses to travel the 35 miles from my grandparent's house to the dealership he works at broke a driveshaft last week. Upon further inspection by a mechanic, it has been told that there is so many things wrong that it would be more than the value to fix: the car is totaled. It is unsafe to operate any more even if the driveshaft were to be repaired.

I, SO BADLY WITH ALL OF MY BEING, want to buy my dad reliable transportation, but I cannot find a way to get the money (I'm even contemplating doing something stupid at this point). I have spoken with my numerous credit card companies and banks in efforts to get a cash advance but those efforts have led nowhere. I am going crazy trying to think of ways that I can help this man who has selflessly helped me through the darkest days of my life (including heavy addiction - I'm clean now).

Please help the most selfless man I know, a US Army veteran, get reliable transportation. I want to help my father get his pride back again, and he cannot continue to work or look for employment without any transportation.

Kind regards,



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