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The Hearing Aide

A project to improve the lives of rural senior adults in Southern Missouri.

www.thehearingaide.org Tax ID 46-4681760


The Hearing Aide is attempting to solve 3 problems related to Heairng Loss.  The first is lack of access for rural adults and particularly senior adults to hearing care. The second is lack of use of the available hearing loss treatement options available. The third is a lack of public understanding about the negative impacts of untreated hearing loss.  

We are carrying out this work in Southern Missouri, where hearing instruments and equipment to make communication easier for the Hard of Hearing is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

We regularly engage patients who cannot afford care or cannot get to us to receive that care.  The HearMobile, pictured above, is our way of taking that care to them.  We need your help to complete the inside.  We need to raise $12,570 to buy a quite generator, soundbooth, exam chair, and audiometric equipment needed to test and fit patients, as well as tablet style computers for portability.