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GivingTuesday - Success Stories!



EVENT: Saving Pets Challenge 2016

EVENT DATE: Nov 29, 2016


For over 50 years The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter has long been a safe haven and sanctuary for thousands of at-risk and injured felines. On many occasions, cats have been dumped at our doorstep or brought in severely injured by a Good Samaritan. This year was no different as many vulnerable and injured cats were brought to The Hermitage; however, with the skill of our staff and the love of humans, many were nursed back to health and some even found their forever home.

This #GivingTuesday, we want to share some of our success stories with you. Many of the kitties you read about below would likely have been- euthanized at a county shelter, but with the love and dedication of donors and staff, these fortunate felines have found a second chance at life.

Snuffy is a 9  year old beautiful Russian Blue boy who was transferred to The Hermitage in April-2016 from Pima Animal Care Center.  Snuffy was hit by a car, which resulted in a severe jaw fracture and eye trauma that caused him to have his right eye removed.  After multiple surgeries for his jaw Snuffy lost his appetite and had to have a feeding tube inserted. After two long months his feeding tube was removed and, his jaw fracture had healed and Snuffy is now being cared for by a loving foster until he finds his forever home.  The only limitation for Snuffy is his diet. He can only eat canned food and his appetite needs to be closely monitored.  Snuffy is a pile of love and really wants to find his forever home.

Total Vet bill to care for him: $5,148.87.

Wilbur is a 13 year old boy who was surrendered to The Hermitage in February-2016 by owners who could no longer care for him after he developed health issues.  Initially diagnosed as diabetic, Wilbur was given insulin but he continued to have issues with his skin and lost the majority of his fur.  Further testing revealed that Wilber had Cushing’s disease, which is rare in cats, and his body was producing too many steroids, which caused skin issues and fur loss in addition to his diabetes.  The stress on his body then resulted in kidney disease.  After months of treatment, Wilbur is now off of insulin completely and his Cushing’s and kidney diseases are well controlled.  His fur has almost grown back and his skin is now strong enough that it does not tear. Wilbur will likely remain a Hermitage resident for life.  He loves attention and snuggles from those who visit our Diabetic/Weight Management room and always tries to sneak some food from anyone who uses the microwave for lunch.

Total Vet bill to care for him: $2,450.

Zieglinde is a beautiful 8 year old girl, who was surrendered to The Hermitage with her 7 house-mates after her owner passed away in December, 2015.  She was a shy girl from the start and had a very difficult time adjusting to life in the shelter.  After a few months of picking at her food her body developed Hepatic Lipidosis, a disease that results in liver failure due to a lack of nutrients.  Zieglinde was hospitalized and had a feeding tube inserted for about a month. With patience and good medical care, she returned to the shelter from the hospital after about a month. Zieglinde was blessed to find her forever home in June 2016.  

Total Vet bill to care for her: $6,603.72.

Tornado is a 5 year old boy who was transferred to the Hermitage in October 2016 from Pima Animal Care Center after being diagnosed with diabetes and developing a life-threatening condition called ketoacidosis (a common condition associated with uncontrolled diabetes).  He had to be hospitalized for over a week to get his blood sugar stabilized, but now he is back at the shelter and is ready to find his forever home.  In the few weeks that he has been living in our Diabetic/Weight Management room he has gained nearly 2 pounds and has become a very sweet and social kitty. 

Total Vet bill to care for him: $2,503.78

Butterscotch (now Sabriel) is a 4 year old girl who was surrendered to The Hermitage in December, 2015 because she was diagnosed with FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus).  One of the most common issues seen with FIV is severe dental disease and stomatitis (redness and swelling of all the tissue in the mouth).  Unfortunately, Butterscotch had to have all of her teeth extracted.  She is one of the few cats who have ongoing issues with her mouth but she is now being kept comfortable with daily medications.  Fortunately she found her forever home quickly and became a member of our Lease for Life program.  This program covers the cost of medical expenses directly related to pre-existing conditions at the time of adoption (in this case FIV). At last report her owners said that she is doing great and is currently pain free. 

Total Vet bill to care for her: $2,429.51.

Lyger is a 6 year old pretty girl who was abandoned on The Hermitage property in a box.  On initial exam it was found that she had decreased feeling in her hind end and no feeling in her tail.  In addition she could not control her bladder or recognize when it was full.  We suspect that she suffered trauma to her spine or hind end from a car, garage door or other accident.  Lyger had to be hospitalized and given multiple medications for pain and, inflammation and muscle/nerve stimulators. In addition, she had to have her bladder manually expressed every 4 hours. Over the course of 1 to 2 weeks she slowly started to regain her bladder function and is currently being fostered by one of her care-takers from the hospital. Thankfully, Lyger’s foster parent plans to adopt her once she’s able to be spayed. 

None of these featured kitties would be where they are today if The Hermitage wasn’t able to provide them with the veterinary care they needed and because we are a No-Kill Shelter and Sanctuary, we are committed to providing all Hermitage kitties the care that they need to keep them as healthy, comfortable and safe for as long as possible.  This is the reason our intakes are sometimes limited so the more support we receive from generous donors like you, the more cats we will be able to save year after year.  

After reading these stories I’m sure it’s evident to you that our biggest expense is veterinary care. As a non-profit organization we receive no government funding and rely completely on the generous support of our donors to continue our legacy of care and to remain true to our 50- year Mission: no cat in our shelter will ever be euthanized to make space for another cat.  As you celebrate generosity this #GivingTuesday, please keep The Hermitage kitties in your plans to give.  #DonateGenerously.

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