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Jan Geysen's Fundraiser:

The HUSA project

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Short Summary

The organization is founded by Geysen Jan, a globetrotter that has his background in International Business and Small Business Management. Originally from Belgium, Europe and has 27 beautiful spring seasons under his belt. I’m a US resident from Florida and finally brought this vision to the public to raise the needed fund that is necessary to start up this project. In co-operation with his EU partner Blanchard Richard, an ambitious ex-event organizer that has his roots in Paris, France and clocks off at 27 years old. We want to create in this good working relationship between US and EU a valuable project for serving others.

The HUSA project wants to become a fundraiser organization that raises funds for 'Young Capable Entrepreneurs' with 'Ambitious Projects'. We don't just want to become a charity organization that get sponsorships from invitees but represent with our prospective young entrepreneurs there visions and reach their goals. With our approach of hosting events on two continents and the networks that we build out, we can become a great access point for future ambitious people with the entrepreneurial spirit. Our difference of others is that we want to host 32 events yearly in a similar time period on two continents in 12 countries. This is made possible with our network of people that we have and shall expand true the years. The focus of our project is to host events with a fixed minimum of invitees that combined over our 32 events a year bring in effective funds. The funds that we raise will be used to support and guide ambitious projects.

If true this channel we can raise our needed fund, this will have an immense impact on our vision. This will give the project the opportunity to convert a vision into reality and start producing events that will benefit others. All of our supporters true this path will become a part of our journey and the journey of others that deserve a chance developing what they believe in.

What We Need & What You Get

The project is looking for $ 110,000.00 in funding. This will be used for converting our vision into a feasible project that has a high impact for others. The fund will be used for starting up the organization: this includes our legal environment (Registration), main address and headquarters (lease of an office), purchase of basic equipment (office supplies, it-equipment), the opportunity of our EU project manager to come 3 times to the US for general meetings. Our organization is based out of Florida but host his events over two continents.

What do we believe that makes us unique is that we’re hosting fundraiser events for others on two continents. With the capability of our 40 volunteers in 12 countries on two continents we are believers that with our hard work and persistence we can organize and execute these events and bring a new wind in supporting others.

The question was ‘What if we don’t reach our goal, what happens with the fund’.

Our answer is simple: as long as we see a small opportunity to start with this ambitious project we will start producing reality and develop our organization over a longer period of time.

The Impact

Our project of hosting 32 fundraiser events in 12 countries in the same time period will have a big impact on the project that we can support in the future. Let me bring you a small example how we will organize our fundraiser events.

A charity event or in this case a fund raiser event is normally pre sponsored by deals or sponsorships that you make with organization or independent individuals. This is Goal 1 to achieve in our organization. This means that all the funds that we raise are going straight to the organization.

We’re hosting the 32 events in the same time period with for every event a different theme. This means with the education that the world brought us we can define a theme. For example Los Angeles is known for his movies and showbiz. The theme there will be an atmosphere around that. New York is known for networking and financials, found our theme that we create for event. Washington D.C.: Politics.

On our events we have a set target of invited people that we want. We set a minimum of people and organizations that we shall invite. These people are connected with the theme that we do and start from independent individuals, small to medium size business and organization to bigger organization and companies that we directly approach to come to our event.

What makes us a good project is that we’re active in multiple cities and as long you are a believer of our project you can come yearly to our events and see for yourself why we are here to find a fund to start.



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