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Dominece Watts

Dominece Watts
North Hollywood, CA United States
Stuff About Me:

Our family has been struggling for the past 6 years to survive in the world we live in. I am a disabled 24 year old mother of 3 and a wife. It has been very hard for us to get to a point in our lives where we are stable and have money saved. We live from paycheck to paycheck and sometimes do not have enough money for gas for our kids to get to school. We are really trying to get a home for our kids and something to call our own but we can't even save money. My husband has $8.000 worth of tickets due to our inability to pay and they are in collections which is why they cost so mch and this is preventing him from being help to me take the kids to school or be able to do things if I am in the hospital as well as being the only thing preventing him from joining the Army to help our country and allow us to get our lives together. We are both in debt and can't even afford to make a $25-50 monthly payment to pay things off. We are slowly giving up because we cant seem to find any REAL solutions to our problems or no one willing to help us in any way. Our family members have problems of their own which makes it even harder because we have no one. We were homeless from November 2008-January 2010 and had to sleep in the car or different peoples houses and I was pregnant and had my daughter during this time. We managed to find a program to get us an apartment but the rent is very expensive leaving us with little or no money for anything else. Me and my hsband have a 7, 4, and 1 year children who really need us and need things that we can not provide. We have a car that gets us around for now but for how long is the question.We argue all the things because things are not getting better and we try so hard and have been trying since the moment we got together in 2005.We are seeking any help with anything you can even if it is information, links, resources, gift cards, cash, toys, furiture, discounts, ANYTHING. We are very grateful to anyone who helps and if we had the money or sources we would do the same for others.We have helped some by donating our old things to others who need it, always offering a place to sleep for friends and family if we have room, giving words of wisdom, and anything that we can. In this past six years till the present my stress because of this is causing my health to not get better but worse, We do not want a hand out or trying to take peoples money but we really need help to be able to raise our kids in a better way then we can. Once again thank you for reading about us and helping in anyway you can it is greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten in our hearts.



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