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We’re spreading joy, optimism and inspiration to millions. Want to help? Tax ID 27-2034585


Our mission is to build community by spreading joy, optimism and inspiration. We carry out this mission through various projects, all of which begin by helping people shift into a positive frame of mind through the incredible power of positive words.

  • Billboards - We’ve put up 50 (& counting) billboards, effectively putting 36.6 million seeds of joy out into the world. See photos at
  • The Junior Joy Team - Teaching children about the power of positive thought and the joy of spreading optimism and inspiration to our community. Since January 2012, The Junior Joy Team has affected over 300 children who have brought joy and Happy Packets to over 1,500 people who serve our
    community every day.
  • PB & JOY Project - We brought over 3,300 jars of inspiration-wrapped peanut butter to kids living in food insecurity in Clark County, Washington.
  • Chalk the Walks - We started Chalk the Walks in 2011 and have done it every year since. Through the power of social media, we involved over 900 people in spreading positive messages in 6 countries and 47 U.S. states in 2013 using sidewalk chalk.