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When Dr. Kress' sister suddenly relapsed, suffered intensely, and died of a particularly aggresive form of Cancer, called Ewing's Sarcoma (after being in remission for 25 YEARS), he committed myself to finding a better way to treat and cure this (and related) dread disease.


As a result, The KressWorks Foundation has been established and dedicated to the development of a systematic approach to the Engineering The Cure.


Dr. James Kress and his team are uniquely equipped to Engineer The Cure. They bring 30 years of work in Chemistry, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Math Modeling, Materials Science, Quantitative Systems Pharmacology, Control Systems Engineering, Software Development, Systems Engineering and Business Management experience to bear on solving the riddle of Cancer.


Building on the medical discoveries of the 1st Revolution (Molecular Biology) and the 2nd Revolution (The Human Genome Project), Dr. Kress and his team have embarked on the 3rd Revolution in Medicine:  to join discoveries in the Life Sciences with the Physical Sciences Of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Engineering.


The KressWorks Foundation is recognized as a Nonprofit Corporation by the State of Michigan and a Charitable Nonprofit Corporation by the IRS. All contributions to the KressWorks Foundation are tax deductible as specified in Michigan and IRS regulations and Law.