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The Lean Entrepreneur

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A Lean Entrepreneur has already bought into Lean Startup, Customer Development, Design Thinking and other iterative, customer-centric methods of product development.

The lean entrepreneur wants to know how to apply these to their business. The goal of The Lean Entrepreneur is to make iterative principles immediately actionable no matter what your industry, size, or stage. In other words: get readers started tomorrow.

Lean entrepreneurs include "intrapreneurs" in the Fortune 500. How do they engage these valuable methods for tackling product development as well as sales and marketing in uncertainty in spheres outside of technology-driven endeavors?

The book will provide a "map" and lexicon of concepts broadly applicable as well as illustrative examples of innovative approaches to industry-specific disruption.

Consumer packaged goods:

How Method used Lean Startup principles to drive innovation in an area thought to be permanently devoid of innovation: home-cleaning products.

Music & Artist Development:

Why the producer and songwriters of Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Fuel, Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne, and Foreigner are abandoning traditional music development methods and are now actively framing the writing of hit songs and artist development in the context of "Minimal Viable Products" and Build-Measure-Learn. Investment & finance: Due to global changes in technology and social media,

500 Startups is playing Moneyball for Startups so it can apply a cultural technology, Lean Startup, to its investment processes.

Non-profits: Building a non-profit from scratch is radically different than executing at a large non-profit. The non-profit space is ripe for internal disruption. How a non-profit grew using Customer Development and non-vanity metrics.

Social entrepreneurs: Why one's vision of a better world needs to be tested & accompanied by "Getting Out of the Building".



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