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The Lenny Zakim Fund

The Lenny Zakim Fund
CROWDRISE : Nov 24, 2010
Tax ID: 04-3485146
BASED: Boston, MA, United States


The Lenny Zakim Fund

Growing the Grassroots

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The Lenny Zakim Fund makes small and meaningful grants to support some of the most amazing and effective grassroots programs in the state. Our goal is to support these agencies in every way that we can, so we do a whole lot more. The Lenny Zakim Fund continually nurtures these organizations toward growth and sustainability by providing the resources, training and other supports that are often unavailable to small organizations, including:

  • Grantmaking:  LZF makes grants for program, capacity building and general operating purposes.  Grants in addition to financial assistance, LZF offer technical assistance in the form of the below.
  • Training and Networking:  Semi-annual Institutes and on-going seminars provide hands-on learning in management, fundraising, peer learning and networking opportunities
  • Counseling and Advice:  Formal and informal counseling and advice, access to experts in various business, consulting and professional fields, resources and materials
  • Publicity:  Publicity and exposure through the newsletter, events, and radio show
  • Pro-bono Legal Assistance:  Through the generosity of the law firm, DLA Piper, all current and former grant recipients are offered pro-bono legal assistance

It is vital to our mission is to do everything we can to support small organizations so that they can fulfill their missions well.

Tax ID: 04-3485146 •


The Lenny Zakim Fund's 2018 Boston Marathon

The Lenny Zakim Fund's 2018 …

Amount Raised:



68% Raised of $37,500 Goal

The Lenny Zakim Fund 2017 Boston Marathon

The Lenny Zakim Fund 2017 Bo…

Amount Raised:



118% Raised of $37,500 Goal