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The environmental field has experienced a major transition in the past 20 years. Conservation finance, community resource management and the creation of “low impact” businesses are just a few of the unique approaches taking shape. Governments, corporations, and citizen groups around the world are using technological innovation and community resources to gain a foothold on environmental sustainability.

Initiatives developed by Ashoka Fellows are succeeding in preserving natural resources, creating options for more sustainable urban design, and in holding land developers accountable to environmental regulation. In response to these successes, Ashoka’s Environmental Innovations Initiative identifies and disseminates the guiding principles and best practices demonstrated by the more than 350 Ashoka Fellows working around the world on environmental issues.

Utilizing the Legal Framework

Mexican Fellow Gustavo Alanis has developed a strategy to provide the Mexican citizen sector, government, and industry with the tools and training to get involved, clean up, and protect the natural resources of Mexico. Gustavo's strategy ensures that existing environmental law is fully understood and actively enforced by the nation's judicial authorities. His strategy, which encompasses training, public education, and litigation, has already brought to the Mexican environmental movement a new level of sophistication and impact. More

Changing Economic Incentives

Victor Ananias from Turkey is promoting the production of organic foods and local Turkish products by creating a consumer base and increasing awareness of the links between consumption and the environment. The first person in Turkey to start a business using only organic foods, Victor has developed an educational strategy as well as an effective business model for promoting local sustainable industries. More

Engaging Values and Culture

Peruvian Fellow Joaquín Leguia is protecting the fragile ecology of the Peruvian Amazon Basin rainforest by involving children in the management of community forests at a crucial stage in their personal development. In a region where environmental mismanagement has resulted in wasteful agricultural practices, deforestation and biodiversity loss, Joaquín leads communities in the creation of Children's Forests—wilderness areas that both strengthen children's knowledge and appreciation of the natural world and equip them with practical skills to sustain their conservation efforts over the long term.More


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