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The Lybarger clan

Organized by: Teresa Lybarger

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We are a family of 16 children. 7 of them are biological children 9 of them are adopted, back in 2003 we heard a thing on the radio about how many children are in foster care. So it broke her heart we immediately got involved to see what was going on for ourselves to get a better understanding and we were beside ourselves to learn the numbers so we thought that we would go through everything we needed to to adopt a child to get them out of the situation that would 2004 in December we adopted a boy and a girl they were brother and sister and the thought of you know all the kids that stare we decided to adopt again but this time we adopted two brothers and a sister and that was in 2009 so what did we do in 2012 we started looking again and had a lot of up and downs in roller coasters so in 2013 we waited to find out if we were going to be the lucky couple that was going to adopt another sibling set this time it was three sisters and a brother and we finalized in February 15th. The thing about all the kids that we got they come with a lot of special needs and we have worked very hard and we have a very tight schedule where we try to keep everything in line well we have simply grew out of her home and we need to get a larger home we're running into some obstacles because we need a downpayment that's kind of out of our scope we found a home and it comes with 5 acres of land almost and the house is 6000 square feet so the children would be able to run and play have their rooms because it is a 12 bedroom home and we would like to adopt another sibling group two brothers and two sisters that's been in the system for a while in the same that we have figured out and are tight space just doesn't work especially for children that comes with special needs right now we have a small lot with a 6 bedroom home but its maybe 1500 square feet. And now we're trying to get a larger home with acreage that way we can get a few animals and put them out there since animals help children with needs and we can work with the kids kind of showing them some history in farming and gardening because it would be awesome for them. We are family that don't like handouts we do everything on our own but now I am reaching out and trying to get some help I know it's a big house for all the kids why did we adopt these children why did we do this we want the house we need to go out and earn it well way to work we do have money coming in we can't afford payments we need to sell the home that we have but it still ain't going to be enough put that down payment. The first children that we got that the brother and sister the sister is 17 years old now and we've had her since she was 5 right now she's in a like state hospital in the country and they work with her a lot with animals which is she's doing better but she'll probably end up coming home when she's 18 my daughter has bipolar with psychotic features she has RAD which is reactive attachment disorder and she has delusional disorder so she's been somewhere getting a lot of on hands work with a lot of people that deals with this kind of stuff yes I could have put her back in the system but what would that have done for her nothing her brother is graduating this year from high school. The second set that we got was two brothers and a sister this sister has short term memory issues she has ODD Which is Oppositional defiant disorder. One of the boys has depression and ADHD and the other boy has conduct disorder ADHD and depression. And the last set that we got one of the girls has ADHD and she is 13 but more like a 9 year old and the other girl has someone anger issues but never acts out on in an aggressive way the youngest girl has nothing and the boy he has ADHD he steals a lot and has PTSD from his background. So having the land to work with the kids soon let them run around and do things learn how to grow things learn how to feed and take care of animals because they say that a child with special needs good therapy is being around animals. So it's not like I were a family that had tons of kids and we're holding her hand out we are family that your kids out of system where they have had horrible eyes and trying to turn that to more of a positive life for them so this is our goal so if anyone out there has any children with any of these special needs would understand that these kids would have a much better life on a few acres where they can run and play and have fun so those people would understand where I'm coming from. The side of kids in foster care is really sad because sometimes foster homes in always the best and they get traumatized in those two it just breaks my heart. So if you're reading this story you can understand maybe you can understand where I'm coming from in my heart to your heart to help us out Thanks


Organized by

Teresa Lybarger

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