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The Marketplace

We believe love transforms. The Marketplace is a Christian fair trade store that partners with ministries around the world who are loving people for who they are and where they are at. Love opens the door. each product represents a life changing journey from hopelessness to empowerment; from being lost to experiencing the love of Christ. Be a part of the transformation. Empowering people. Changing lives. Tax ID 45-2428094


Before Wi started working for Napada in Bangkok Thailand, she never heard the name Jesus. Now Wi is their head trainer and exudes the love of Jesus.


Virginia used to prostitute and sell beer in the slums of Nairobi Kenya before she met Jacaranda Creations. Now she is making beautiful bags and sharing the Gospel in her community.


Tsering was a party girl looking for love in all the wrong places. Then she started working for JOYN in India, found Jesus, and experienced love for the 1st time.


Mary was blind and trapped in a life of being trafficked. Today she paints beautiful fabrics that are being used in one of a kind bags made by Sak Saum in Phnom Penh Cambodia.


Our Mission

The Marketplace is a Christian fair trade store that partners with 51 ministries in 21 countries. Our nonprofit exists to walk alongside these incredible ministries around the world. People are being empowered and lives are being changed.


Our Story

September 2012, The Marketplace was born in a 400 square foot room in a church.

August 2013, The Marketplace moved to a 1000 square foot space in the church, created an online store, and started doing local shows.

July 2014, The Marketplace moved into a 1600 square foot store front in the community and added shows in other states.

June 2015,  The Marketplace will be creating a mobile store.


Our Work

In order to help our ministry partners, we need to share their stories and sell their products. We know that people have HUGE hearts to help others, but sometimes they don’t how to help and can feel a bit overwhelmed. We give them an easy way. For example: when you buy a bag, you are empowering a woman to help feed her children. When you buy necklace, you are giving dignity to a woman who was once trafficked. When you buy a leather messenger bag, a young man is being taught a trade and is able to stay in school.


The missionaries are creating relationships; they are meeting a physical need by employing people. Through relationships, they are sharing the Gospel. The Marketplace purchases their products and shares their story. The customer becomes connected to the artisans through the products and the stories. They, in turn, share our stories with their friends and family who then come into the store and become connected. It’s a beautiful never ending cycle. It’s really quite simple. It’s all parts of the body working together for one common goal- sharing the Gospel.


Our Goal

We need your help to make this mobile store happen! God’s directive was very clear, continue to “take it to the people!” We are purchasing a 22 foot step truck and upfitting it to look like The Marketplace; we will be using pallets, ladders, and old barn wood. We will drive it all over town and pop up in different locations. We will raise awareness, share stories of transformation, and sell products. Then we are off


In order for the ministries to survive and thrive, they must sell products. In order for us to help the ministries, we need to increase our reach. What a better way to do this then to take it to the people! We know when we share the stories of lives being transformed, that people want to be a part of it. People want to be a part of something that is so much bigger than themselves.


What We Need to Make This Happen

Here are the details: The truck costs $55,000. We have already raised $29,000. We need $26,000. Would you prayerfully consider being a part of transforming lives around the world?

Let’s take it to the people!


Empowering people. Changing Lives.

The Marketplace