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The Need For Feed - A Rhyme for a Reason

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Leslie Thomas wrote -

I am hoping to raise enough money to help Swan Center Outreach provide winter feed for all of the animals who have helped me, and my daughter find a happier way of living. 

Who We Are & What We Do:

Swan Center Outreach - Animals as Teachers, Healers and Friends

For over 25 years Swan Center Outreach has provided leadership and self-awareness programs, with rescued animals, that empower and support youth and adults in the achievement of their life goals, while demonstrating the educational, therapeutic and spiritual value, of a loving relationship with animals. This work is made possible from private donations like yours.

Rose and John Longhill (our founders) have made it their life’s work to provide transformative educational programs, partnering abused and neglected animals (primarily horses) with disadvantaged children, teaching them valuable life skills. Their passion for connecting children with animals has not only provided life-changing experiences for kids but has also saved hundreds of animals from abusive, life threatening situations. Rose and John and their amazing staff of dedicated volunteers work daily to care for these animals and in return, these animals become the essence of Swan Center Outreach educational programs, serving over 9000 children in the last two and a half decades.

How you can be our partner:

This year sustainable practices at our ranch produced enough hay for 44 animals for 7 months of winter! But that’s just the beginning. Additional feed and supplements are necessary all year, including emergency funds for veterinary bills. This fundraising effort is to cover the cost of the feed and vet bills.

  • A bag of horse feed is only $20 for a 50# bag and we use 2 per day.
  • We need $1500 for feed bills each month or $18,000 annually
  • We believe in exemplary care for the animals, last year emergency vet bills beyond the regular health checks and important nutritional supplements were $7000.

The impact of you contribution has a very long reach because it will:

  • Keep the 35 horses, 2 sheep, 4 llamas, 3 goats, 1 miniature horse and donkey healthy and safe by providing good quality feed throughout the long winter!
  • Help augment our hay crop with necessary grain for each animal and specialized food supplements to remain healthy.
  • Build an emergency vet fund.
  • Make our spring and summer programs possible.

25 years of programming has taught us that when we meet the basic needs of our animals we not only improve our programs, it allows us to serve more children in need. Since serving children and animals is what Swan Center Outreach is all about, the best way to do that is to provide the necessary feed and healthcare for our horses and small animals. Even our senior horses, who are well over 30 have a lot to offer a child by teaching them leadership and self-awareness.

Healing, growth and happy kids is the direct result of Swan Center Outreach’s well-programmed, experiential activities.

Our Daily Supporters

Our active volunteers (over 150) are the best on the planet, showing up in the harshest of conditions to love and care for these precious animals. Last year one of our families volunteered their time to build a full size arena and disabled access deck. Another family provided the sand. This opened the doors to serve individuals with physical disabilities and reach a broader special needs population. We regularly hold large volunteer training classes with the animals for their safety and the safety of our volunteers and program participants.

Our animal handlers are trained to interact in ways that work for the animals to ensure the health and safety of the participants and the animals. Consistent and well-trained handlers with an understanding of animal needs during scheduled feeding times and monthly health inspections results in gentle and loving animals, who truly become - Teachers, Healers and Friends.

These animals live a life of comfort and safety, and look forward to interacting with people. They seem to know that they have a meaningful life serving those in need. Many of our animals live well beyond expected life spans, overcoming backgrounds of abuse, abandonment and neglect. Swan Center Outreach is a daily labor of love that requires significant volunteer support and funding to successfully serve the animals and human beings who need us. Individual donations like yours are our primary means of support.

Other Ways You Can Help

It is not just about the money…it’s about being our partner in sharing the love! If you resonate with what we are doing, Become our Ambassador!

Share what you now know with your family, friends, and social media connections. Share our website, Facebook page and Youtube videos with all of your friends. We know your positive energy will return great results!






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