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November 04, 2012


Doug Shreffler



I Doug Shreffler a Democratic Candidate for President in 2016 would like to ask you to consider my vision of American virtue In government. We

as Americans have a heritage and a obligation to defend liberty and we want to give this heritage to our children and to the world. We have not been making choices to accomplish this obligation in recent times.

I intend to put an end to the troubling polarization that has been growing between both parties the with endless gridlock in congress. It is time someone considers the best interest of our Nation. What is best for the nation, the people, and the goal of passing a better America to generations to come as well as integrity of U.S. government throughout the world should be the goal of all Americans. I am a candidate who has this quality and am now running for President. Can we count on your support? I will cover just a few of my views and my vision for America.

I want to renew the people's ability to believe in it's government and to that end I will revive the unity that will make us great again both here and abroad. Only then when our country believes in it's government and the world follow.

This starts with unification within the White House. We are suffering the same plague that has troubled all democracies throughout history. The lack of trust in leadership, honor, faith, and a disregard for integrity. I believe that America is the only leader that can bestow peace and unity for the world and it can be achieved through abiding principles which have originated from our forefathers and have been entrusted to us to be preserved.

We have a positive future by embracing our past as a nation. This is the essence of Doug Shreffler's vision for America and this is a steadfast commitment to those who support me now & in the future. The things I say that I am for now, will not change through the election process. My core beliefs are anchors!

We need social security. Republicans want to water it down and do the voucher thing. This will not happen under my watch! I will do more too to add benefits to social security, not take them away. By putting these folks who can work to work directly from this welfare office will open doors to offer more benefits for those who so greatly need them.

This will be accomplished by those on it who can work getting work. I intend to pass legislation to have workers in the welfare office who will not just hand an applicant a list of companies hiring, but build some companies, that will take these workers. I want to hand them a phone number and say, show up tomorrow, they will hire you! This is how unemployment can be and MUST be eliminated.

   I want all Americans to see my commitment when I state my policy of a return to servility in Government & People's interaction. The hearing of grievances, support of 1st & 2nd amendment rights as well as support for the US constitution and the entire bill Of rights for our people. This is the backbone of american history and I will to restore The United States of America to prominence. I am for the restoration of the people's rights, ending foreign wars and bringing our troops home as well as an end to the rush of war we have experienced in the last 12 years. War is a last resort and I will pursue peaceful diplomatic options to controversy rather than the rush to conflict which causes loss of treasury and loss of life. I believe in the Rrghts of the people rather than the mnanufactured "needs of the government" ! I need your support and so does America!

Lets be clear too, I do and will use and am not afraid to show my backbone when I need to. It will be used, only after choice is eliminated. We need to continue to take down our most wanted list, and eliminate Alquida. These things take strength and courage. Obama got a great start with Bin laden, but we are far-far from done! Meanwhile, vote for OBAMA this November! The oath we take says clearly, all enemies, foreign and domestic, lets be very clear.

I also pledge to the people, seniors will not under my watch loose! 62 will be kept under my watch. Under my watch benefits for seniors will be raised not stepped on!

As commander in Chief, he has certain authority. I will create companies for soldiers coming back to run. Each town with a base will have not opportunities, but JOBS. A unit serving together, can accomplish the same great things in a company that they do for us overseas! Lets support them and let them know how much we think of our troops! The President can do this. Money has to come from somewhere, and I know where to get it without disrupting current programs!!! Without someone loosing somewhere else, and WIITHOUT REPUBLICAN complaint!!

What I do as Commander in Chief I will do with respect for the opposition beliefs. I will find ways to work within rights I have as President to achieve these things in a manner agreeable to both. In a manner that steps on no toes! in a manner to keep us ALL HAPPY with these goals. Goals need backed by plans. I have them! When I say I have plans I HAVE PLANS THAT WILL WORK!

I see America that the globe will look up to! I see America that the world admires! I see America that the nation itself Respects! I see America united! I see America with the people behind its government I see America as the leader we are I see America still strong, still bustling I see America still the best hope for peace in the world I see America with a strong economy I see America as a world leader I see America independent of foreign oil I see America equaling green technology to oil production I see America and our education system at number one I see America debt free I see America budgiting our debt I see america working, I see all those who want to work doing so I see America, I see the future for your children and their children I see America! I see America You see, I see! I see!

In addition I am running for you, not for me or for power or recognition, for you. There is a special team who's leader was kia, along with part of that team. I run for their honor and the survivors and families. This is the best way I see to repay these men for their sacrafice and all others who serve and have lost lives. For them, their honor and their families, I run.




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