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Crystal Lion & Star Fire's Fundraiser:

The Orgone Trail

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Crystal Lion & Star Fire


Welcome to 'The Orgone Trail' !

(An Introduction)

First & foremost, Orgone Energy Devices such as the ones our team is making, are powerful healing devices with incredible potential. Orgone construction and science has developed quite beautifully and profoundly since the 1930's when Dr. Wilhelm Reich began his research. NOW we are presented with evolving tools that have the potential to not only help facilitate healing in our Mental Bodies, Physical Bodies, and Spiritual Bodies, but we can use these devices to successfully end states of drought in entire Ecosystemsgrow bigger, healthier  plants & trees bursting with Vitality, restore health & structure to our Rivers, Creeks, Lakes & Oceans, obliterate chem trails in their tracks, & even help your vehicle get more miles to the gallon, and save energy used in your house.

Legally, we cannot make claims that these devices & technology cure certain life threatening & non-life threatings conditions, but we encourage you to dive in, and do your research and come to your own conclusions about the power of Orgone Energy...The Truth is out there, and The Truth Will Set You Free.
For more history & information on Orgone Energy, pleast visit:


Greetings & Love.

'The Orgone Trail' Campaign & Mission here is to first lay down & build a  great, strong, & most importantly, a sustainable foundation which will give birth to the possibility of the rest of our teams entire mission from thereon. Now what is our mission?

We design & build Orgone Energy Devices. We are also into the use of Crystals, Crystal Singing Bowls, & the use of frequency & vibration to facilitate Natural Healing to occur in ones body to reach a Harmonious state of balance. Our mission it to turn our passion and dreams into a sustainable business & Lifestyle that benefits countless individuals and the vitality of the ENTIRE Earth and all organisms inhabiting her. We literally want to pack up and hit the road as Nomads, for good. When we DO leave, we want to start off with 5,000 or more Orgone Energy Devices. Thousands of these devices will be 'gifted' to various sites in need of Positive Orgone Energy all along our journeys, the sites and devices being documented and shown for all to see our journey and the fruits of your contributions. 


Our business goes hand in hand with our lifestyle. It is 'On The Go', a sustainable way to keep us on the road and traveling, and sustainable as a vitality boosting, awareness expanding, Earth & Spiritual healing tool. As a business, our goal is to travel to Transformational Music & Art Festivals, Spiritual gatherings, Natural Healing Conventions, Green Markets, ect. Making ourselves a vending presence as we spread the knowledge that is Orgone & Natural Spiritual Healing through the sales of various Orgone Energy Devices, Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystals, Jewelry & Art. We want to reach out the the communities we occupy and teach others how to make these devices themselves and make a difference for the entire planet, one device at a time. Our life will be a constant flow of giving Love & Gratitude to all who grace us with their presence as our team lives & travels as Nomadic Light Workers.


This is our passion, our LIFE DREAM. To be FREE from the Wake-Work-Sleep-Wake-Work-Sleep cycle that this system has created for us. If not only a dream, this is an urgent necessity. To lead as an example worth following, to spark hope in the Heart of those who are caught in the same cycle, that they too do not have to give their SOUL to these machines, hoping for scraps in return. We are not machines. We are the keepers of the Earth, and we are determined to spread awareness and open the eyes of the masses crying out for help. We wish to facilitate change & transformation in the Spirit of All, to help us realize that we can take back GAIA from corruption and destruction of her Natural beauty. 

We need your help.

We cannot do this alone. We need the passion, hope, Love & the contribution of all communities, all people who wish to help facilitate change in their very own realities who feel they can help give birth to a beautiful vision by lending our team a hand with a Love Donation. We promise, all shall be returned to you with great interest

Here are some basic necessities in order to make this happen:

A traveling Van:

This vehicle is going to be what gets us around the entire United States & Canada. This is our entire teams primary living space. This vehicle must be very reliable, spacious enough to sleep 4+, and hold personal belongings. This is possibly the most vital tool.

Storage Hitch & Trailer:

The storage trailer will be holding pretty much all of the business related supplies. Remember, we are going to make this successful by vending. This trailer will hold the Orgone Energy Devices, Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystals, Jewelry, Art, ect. as well as our pavillion, tables, chairs, signs, ect. The entire setup basically. If we could fit all of this in a Van along with our team, we would, however the idea seems quite miserable...

Orgone Construction Supplies:

Now, the main course really. The raw supplies to create these massive amounts of Orgone. The basic fundamentals of an Orgone device are Copper/Alluminum shavings, Copper wire, Quartz Crystals, & Clear Cast or Industrial resin. These are the basics for a functioning device, after that you can choose a vast array of other enhancing elements to add to the dvices. Since this is really what the entire vision revovles around, although the Van will be our most expensive initial investment, the amount of money we put into creating Orgone Devices will far exceed the cost of transportation many times over once the business is on its feet. Think hundreds of thousands of devices created by our hands alone, not even considering the pieces of those who are inspired by our way of Being. 

These are really the three main ingredients to our total successful manifestation of a Dream for GAIA. Please, lend us a helping hand, as our Gratitude for ALL Loving Support extends far beyond our perception. If you cannot contribute with a donation, PLEASE spread the link to our Cause on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, Myspace, wherever you can to help raise awareness.

Thank you all.
We Love You.
Namaste, Blessed Be.
Peace, Love & Light. <3


Donation Incentives
Give & Receive:


Donations of:

$50-$99:  x10 Orgone Tower Busters

$100-$149:  x15 Orgone Tower Busters


$150-$199:  x15 Orgone Tower Busters & x1 Protection Pendant


$200-$299:  x20 Orgone Tower Busters & x2 Protection Pendants


$300-$399:  x20 Orgone Tower Busters, x1 Protection Pendant, x1 HHG


$400-$499:  x30 Orgone Tower Busters, x2 Protection Pendants, x2 HHG's


$500+:  x10 Tower Busters, x1 Large Orgone Pyramid, x2 Protection Pendants, x3 HHG's.


All prizes shall be awarded upon campaigns successful completion. Rewards stack as you contribute more to the mission! Upon successful contribution, please send a message with your valid shipping address, e-mail, & (optional) your best phone number.



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