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EVENT DATE: Jun 01, 2014

Greg Owens


This is the first time I have ever written a request like this so I apologize if it’s not quite as elegant as others have been in the past.  My wife and I have been ministering at KC Life Church in Kansas City for the last 8 years, the last 4 years I have been doing this as a bi-vo pastor (fancy way of saying that I work another full time, 40 hours a week job, in order to allow us to minister where we believe God has called us).  

For the last two years I have also been going to school online through Regent University and as of my previous semester (Fall 2013) I have maintained a 3.74 GPA while working full time, pastoring the church and leading worship for our Sunday morning worship gatherings.  Earlier this year I was presented with an opportunity to attend a summer semester at Oxford University in England.  This is a wonderful opportunity but it is also very expensive for my wife and I.  We have estimated that with the cost of the program, the flights and the loss of income that we will incur from my absence for 6 weeks that we will need right at $10,500 in order to allow me to go to Oxford as part of my undergrad studies.  We have done our best to budget accordingly, but will not be able to save enough in time on our own.

The cost breakdown is as follows:

Oxford Semester $6500.00 (basic program costs)

Travel expenses - $2000.00 (including airfare)

Loss of income - $2000.00 (not a full replacement, but enough to get Jen and the girls by in my absence)

Attending this summer semester at Oxford is a very strong desire of mine, but in order for it to happen we are trusting in God to bring in the finances to allow it to happen, which is why I am writing this letter.  If you are reading this, my only request of you is that you would please pray and ask the Lord if He would have you help us financially for this purpose.  My goal is to complete my undergrad and then pursue my masters of divinity in order to allow me to continue to work bi-vocationally, but as an adjunct professor instead of what I am currently doing.

To give you a little bit more information about our ministry and our church I wanted to share our position on finances to let you know that you would be giving to a ministry that takes being good stewards very seriously.  We have been on our own as a church plant for the last four years, in this time we have continued to minister and run KC Life Church completely debt-free while also being able to support another church plant in Colorado, the ministry of a wonderful church planter with his family  and orphanage in Bolivia and also a local women and children’s domestic abuse shelter.  (If you would like more information about any of those ministries please contact me directly and I can send you information.)  Our church has flourished and is very healthy, financially, in a time where churches are going bankrupt and stopping support of ministries because of their debt and inability to run their finances responsibly. A big reason why our church has been able to be financially successful for the last four years has been because I do not accept a salary from the church.  The church pays me $500 a month, which we are very blessed by and grateful for.  Our church family has already given us $1000 toward this goal as well.

I wanted to be a transparent as possible in writing this letter and I hope that you will take the time to prayerfully consider supporting my desire to pursue a semester of education at Oxford University in England.  If we do not meet the financial goal in time for me to attend the Oxford program the funds will all go toward paying down the student loans that I have had to take out in order to complete my undergrad.

Thank you for your prayers, your financial support and most importantly, for your friendship.


Pastor Greg




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