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Orange County Pet Rescue Center, Inc.

Rescuing Pets...Creating Families...Saving Lives Tax ID 26-1439645


Our goal is to save the lives of dogs and cats at risk of euthanasia.

The Pet Rescue Center was founded to restore the basic right of good health and a home to at-risk dogs and cats, and happiness to their adopting families. We endeavor to change the fate of so many pets in Southern California, to allow them the respect and compassion due to them as loved members of a family, and to create a time and place where there is no more unnecessary euthanasia of adoptable animals.

We have developed the following programs to provide effective solutions to support our mission of saving “at-risk” dogs and cats from unnecessary euthanasia: Rescue.Rehab.Rehome; Medical Needs; Education; Pet Pantry for Seniors & Unemployed; Community Outreach; Volunteer Program.

We are more than just a Rescue Group! We strive to make a proactive and reactive impression on our community of dogs and cats at risk of euthanasia. 

•We run an efficient rescue process by working cooperatively with rescue groups, veterinarians, shelters, pet supply stores, and the community.

•We create positive relationships with Kill and No Kill Shelters by reviewing their PTS (Put to Sleep) lists for pets to save, and Special Needs lists for medical cases that we can treat in-house to ensure their adoption.

•We provide a no-kill, veterinary supervised temporary sanctuary with office hours and storefront atmosphere for these pets while we work to locate an adopting family.

•We provide medical care of special needs or victimized dogs & cats in the shelters, only available for rescue to save, as we have the capability to do so. These are often the most “at-risk” dogs and cats in the shelter with curable conditions brought on by misfortune, neglect and circumstance.

•We have a community program called Pet Pantry for Seniors and the Unemployed, which provides free pet food and cat litter to those who qualify. We want to help families care for their pets and prevent unnecessary owner surrenders to our local shelters.

•We provide communities with education needed to support domestic pets in a safe and secure household.

•We take calls and emails from the community to provide resource support for pet care.

•We provide our communities with education and resource support for pet care: in-house, off-site, and online.