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Therapy Dog Sebastian and Disabled Senior Woman

Organized by: Rochell Watts

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I would like to begin by stating that my Therapy Dog is the only reason I am still living. I have bipolar/extreme anxiety disorder. I would never get online and ask for money. I have worked my whole life until I was put on disability due to panic attacks and bouts of depression which often left me unable to get out of bed. I have lay in bed hoping to die because of the fears and anxieties I experience on a day to day basis. I live alone but I have a Therapy Dog named Sebastian Larue. He is my best and only friend. I was afraid to leave my house before he got him. I used to sleep with all the lights on and a chair against my door. I don't no what causes these terrible fears, but I do know that by now I would have ended my life if my doctor had not had me get a Service/Therapy Dog. Sebastian always with me. My doctor needs me up and out of bed every day and walk outside at least once a day. With Sebastian, I have to get up. I am better now that I have Sebastian and hope and am never without him. We struggle to make ends meet. I have medical problems and have had breast cancer treatment. My biggest fear was if I did not get well who would take care of my Sebastian. He is five years old. He and I have done well on my small disability pension so far but now we have to move because I can no longer afford the rent. I have been very anxious and sad lately becauses I may have to give Sebastian up. You see, I cannot afford to have his regular checkups and he is sick right now and needs grooming as well as general health care attention. I believe he has an ear infection because he keeps scratching and tugging at his ears. He needs his teeth cleaned and he needs to be groomed. Where I live right now is a very dangerous neighborhood so I am unable to walk him as much as I should. People have stated that I need to take better care of him because he looks bad. I don't want to loose my best friend Sebastian due to inability to care for his medical/health/grooming and Food needs. We are looking for a low inccome apartment in a better neighborhood but I cannot find a decent one where I can walk Sebastian and feel safe. I tried to get a Section 8 Voucher but was not selected. I go to the food pantry but I can only get food for me. Because it is only me I get very little food. I am not starving though, but I worry that Sebastian and I may become homeless, especially since no one wants to have a dog in their home. I know the law but I mean people who would probably let us stay until we get on our feet. I call 211 regularly for help with food and lights and medical bills. They tell me the same thing eveytime. They are out of funds. I used to have a very good job so I am not used to being treated like a needy street person. Also, anxiety is the last thing a depressed person needs to have while trying to get help. Oh how many times I have closed my eyes and hoped I would not wake up. I know Sebastian needs me so I keep pushing myself to get out of bed and breath everyday. My days are still one day at a time. I am a 58 year old senior woman. No one believes my age. People think I am pretty but I am a recluse. I would rather not have to ever leave my apartment. So you see there is Sebastian comes in. He will not let me stay in bed. He barks until I get up on days when I am having an episode of deep depression. I get up I walk him and go back to bed. But most of the time he makes me laugh because he always wants to go out. But I can tell that he is ill and I have missed many of my own medical appointments and my bills keep piling up. Sometimes I just can't hardly go on. I could really use some help. I will accept how ever little my charity request may bring me and Sebastian. We running out of time for our light bill and rent as I write. I am sorry if you feel i am making this up. I am not. This is very embarrassing to ask strangers for help. It gives me a measure of hope thought. Thank you for listening. I must lay down now. I am severely overwhelmed. And yet there is tomorrow. Another day to struggle with agencies to try to get help for me and Sebastian. I hope no one has to experiencce what I am going through. Bye for now.


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