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There is no CURE; If there is no HOPE

Organized by: Alyson Wolff

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Need help with medical bills and support with my disease and injuries
April 25, 2016

Need help with support prayers and Donations to help fight my disease and injuries and the permanent damage it has caused See More


After many procedures blood work bacterial antibodies and also a blood virus. Cell counts very erratic and vitals jumping from low to high. Determination of source of bacteria was decay spread past nerves in 79% of my teeth and started attacking feeding off my body and blood. After deciding to remove all teeth and making the appointment this month coming up to extract the diagnosis is SEPTICEMIA (septic, sepsis) & also ACTIVE VIREMIA ; medical conditions where a virus is detected in bloodstream; and hence has access to the rest of your body. SEPTIC: Sepsis is a serious medical condition caused by an overwhelming immune response to infection. Chemicals released into the blood to fight infection trigger widespread inflammation. Inflammation may result in organ damage. Bloodclotting during sepsis reduces blood flow to limbs and internal organs, depriving body of its natural nutrients. Soon there after, my immune system completely shut down, it is now to weak to fight bacteria and help heal/recover from anything. Tumor was found on my tonsils and my good cells were turning bad and cancerous ones were in blood as well. Cannot get surgery on it until after oral surgery recovery which will be the most painful time of my life. Recently we've been preparing for organ failure due to body getting weaker and weaker. April 11th, 2016: I was passenger in grandmother's car when there was a terrible accident. Blocked her from airbags and glass shattering and suffered most of impact by trying to save her life. Injury diagnosis at emergency room: Chest contusions cuts bruises severe chest pain and internal bruising possible rib damage but not a full fracture Torn tendons in back Permanent damage to spine which is also caused my chronic pain and muscle issues for years it just started to go a different direction which isn't fatal as most spinal injuries but it causes excruciating pain that will never get better. Head injury - didn't realize after a couple days trouble with balance, confusion, and spells of disorientation. ( I plan to see a neurologist soon) After all these injuries they are not life threatening ( just hard to live with) So currently stabilized at home with meds unable to move arms pain is so bad. Taking breaths By inhaling feels like I'm being repeatedly stabbed. & by coincidentally I was!!! Previous Dr said she thinks my pain is just in my head which was the most upsetting considering I need help doing basic things, am technically qualified as disabled in the state of Nebraska due to chronic pain, permanent damage with scans to prove it, septicemia/ viremia and the fact at one point I was ordered 2 dozen medications. Doctor told me she would not advise or support being on disability even though I'm not allowed to work for at least a year with my 3 surgeries, infections, recovery (most likely delayed) she also stated my pain was maybe a illusion in my mind which my records of the last two years show how I started and after no conclusion until I am in a life threatening state no one could diagnose or fix things before true damage was done. I am now having heavy abnormal bleeding everyday for the past 27. Although I am trying to find a new physician (who cares, listens, wants to help me change my lifestyle and mostly stop the process of deteriorating or getting worse) it will take some time and due diligence to get up to speed on current status and most serious issue to dominate first. I'm asking for help because this is scary and excruciatingly painful and the intensity of weakness and pain everyday as it progresses and decreases is completely draining and uncontrollable and for now I have been selling all of my clothes, electronics and jewelry to be able to pay for living expenses (food, living, few bills I haven't canceled, costs of medical visits, percentages up front of surgeries & procedures plus medications. I am also trying to take care of my grandmother through her recovery. I more than anything need your support. Please pray for me, and stand behind me as I go down this long road of future pain and recoveries. Everyones support is sometimes the only way to not give up. When you get sick it changes you and I want to keep my faith and hope and trust that things do not get worse. I appreciate and would be grateful for any donations of any kind but I am asking for help. Thank you for taking the time to understand a little of what I go through. I will update this site daily and any feedback, questions, advice, prayers and donations would mean a lot to me.


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