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Tana Goodwin's Fundraiser:

There IS An Alternative

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Tana Goodwin


There is a huge population of people out there who are shocked by a cancer diagnosis and then feel like they have no choice other than to "do what the doctor says" and pursue conventional medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. However, there is a great amount of debate as to whether or not these methods are effective or if they can cause more harm than the disease itself. After my breast cancer diagnosis last summer, I made the firm decision to go against what my conventional physician said and seek holistic treatment.
Insurance, even if one has it (I don't), does not pay for most alternative, holistic, natural, herbal or homeopathic treatments. It won't even pay for most experimental treatments (whether under the guise of "natural" or "conventional"). Most charitable cancer organizations that exist today help fund conventional treatments, research, education and even screening tools (such as mammography, the safety of which has not been proven), but do not support these alternative methods or educate anyone on their choices.
Our organization hopes to attack these problems from all sides. First, we hope to assist those seeking these alternative treatments in finding, obtaining and paying for them in their area. Second, we hope to begin funding research and policy changes that will allow more of these treatments to be widely accepted and paid for by insurances.
We intend to start locally, in the DFW area and then branch out as money allows. We hope to be changing our "amount to raise" as needs change over time.
Please help us in our goal to prove there is an alternative and you can afford it.



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