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There With Care of the Bay Area

There With Care of the Bay Area
CROWDRISE : Feb 08, 2013
Tax ID: 45-3952029
BASED: Menlo Park, CA, United States


There With Care of the Bay A...

We Are There With Care

For Families and Children Facing Critical Illness

Since February of 2012, There With Care of the Bay Area has provided support to families being treated at local hospitals and medical facilities across the Bay Area in Northern California. By working with hospitals and social workers who refer families for services, we identify the main stresses for a family and work within our community to take what is heavy off their plate.   

<!-- #secondary .aside --> We include family and friends in the practical support of children and families facing critical illness.  By including the larger community, our goal is to complete the circle of support and give our families much-needed emotional, psychological, and practical relief so that they can focus on their loved ones.

<!-- .post --><!-- #content --> Through the kindness of volunteers, generosity of business owners and the philanthropy of donors, we have been able to ease many of the burdens of children and families facing critical illness. We are humbled each day by the efforts of our amazing network of Volunteers and Professional Service Providers who make it possible for us to be there for families in need.

Tax ID: 45-3952029 •


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