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Casey Rich's Fundraiser:

Fundraiser to Benefit the Somerville Homeless Coalition

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DAY 1 Race prep
August 16, 2017

Yesterday, Jillian and I officially began to train for the race. Neither of us are runners so we started off small. We did a 1 mile run around  See more
Casey Rich


   There are few causes quite as important as helping the homeless. In the United States alone, there are an estimated number of 2.3-3.5 million homeless people living on the streets.

   I am very fortunate to have never been homeless. My wife and I both have stable jobs, a full fridge, and a place to sleep at night. We are the lucky ones. We will never understand how it must feel to lose everything. But we know it must be pretty awful.

   Without proper shelter a person cannot have a job, support a family, feel safe, or have any privacy. Once a person is homeless it’s very difficult to get back on their feet.

    A person needs to have a home address in order to get a job but they can't find a place to live if they don't have money. And they can't make money if they don't have a job.  It's a vicious cycle. One that is very hard to break.

   My hope is that by doing this walk and fundraiser, my wife and I can raise enough money to help the Somerville Homeless Coalition prevent a person or their family from going homeless.

   Please consider joining my team or making a donation to my fundraiser to benefit this worthy cause.  


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