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December 25, 2012

Christmas is here, Merry christmas to all! I'm hoping for a christmas miracle :)  See more
Staci Chimes


Hi there! My name is Staci Chimes, and here's my story.
I am 21 years old. I grew up in an absolutely wonderful and privileged family. Unfortunately, when I turned 17 my dad suffered from major heart disease and went through a 5-way heart bypass. He was Vice President of the IT department at a pharmaceutical company called ICS, a branch of Amerisourcebergen. Six weeks after his "recovery" he was to return to work, and when he did he was laid off.

My parents decided to start a restaurant that served heart healthy, and delicious gourmet food. Although the food was absolutely incredible, they sadly picked a bad location and the restaurant failed.
Around this time, I had just graduated high school and went off to the University of Colorado. My dad being as optimistic as he could (his only dream is to provide for his family) didn't tell me that they were financially struggling. He had to tell me after one semester that I could not go to school there anymore as he did not have the money to pay. At this point I owed the university $28,000! WOAHH! So I figured, I'll apply for federal student loans and private student loans. I was unaware of how difficult it is to receive funding as they look at your parents previous tax records, since I was 19 at the time I was still under his taxes, and will be until I'm 26. I was declined from every student loan out there. I asked my family aunts, and uncles to help me by cosigning a private student loan and they said no.
I moved back to Dallas, and attended community college, making straight A's. Regrettably, I was unable to provide transcripts from University of Colorado as I was unable to pay, and was not allowed to sign up for a second semester of schooling at the community college.

I then did my research on what options would be available to me. I found that schooling is much cheaper in Canada. This seemed to be a wonderful idea as they did not require my previous transcripts in order for me to attend schooling. Since I have family in Vancouver, I now just needed to work and be able to save some money so I could start my journey to Canada. I worked as a server for 4 months, and then I was off. Dad told me he would start helping me pay for my schooling starting in my September 2012 semester. Again he was being highly optimistic that he would find a job, and sadly I was just as blindly optimistic. I did my January 2012 semester and LOVED it! September semester rolled around, and when payday came dad told me he couldn't do it. He couldn't even pay rent my mom, dad and 16 year old sister were struggling just to feed themselves. I was dropped from my course..
I again applied for student loans and was again denied.

So now let's get to today. I am a nanny for an amazing 3 year old girl, I live in Vancouver with my amazing and wonderful boyfriend. I take the bus for 2 hours a day to go to work and back, every penny I make has to be put into rent and food but I absolutely love my life. I can't complain compared to so many others out there, but the truth is I am at my last resort in finding funding for my degree. I keep hoping that my compassion for others will lead to good karma, and help me find my way but as it stands time is just passing me by, and things are not changing.
My dream is to go into communications and design. I have so many interests from advertising, marketing, painting, graphic design, illustration, media, and so much more. I believe I would do so well, and just hope that I can get the opportunity to do so. Right now I am looking for funding to get through a year of schooling.

I hope that people out there will understand my struggles, and I dream that I can start 2013 with more promise than my last 4 years.



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