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Kaisir Hsu's Fundraiser:

Social Entrepreneurs for Global Greatness

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Kaisir Hsu


Today millions of people choose their way instead of the highway. The path toward moral success carries an enormous weight that corporations simple cannot ignore any longer.

For many decades now, citizens from all over the world have come from devastated walks of life into developed countries like America in hopes of beginning a new life. Simply many of them left their future behind and have made themselves a career in the United States. With dedication, their children have been able to receive the education they deserve and have gone to serve government and private sectors. Today, the professional looks and feels like he or she can make a difference while attaining career advancements. Entrepreneurship has brought many a brighter and attainable lifestyle like never before. The SEGG way brings these professionals a new challenge: bridging the gap between mere profiteering and moral imperatives such as poverty, hunger, child abuse, human trafficking, and renewable energy. Start your own segue today!

SEGG gathers team professionals and relaunches them on missions to solve profound issues in their countries of interest, but with a unique twist of professional consultants and marketing campaigns to help political instability in developing countries.

This is where dedicated social professionals from all walks of life come together; to play an integral part of the global greatness system.

Every individual in SEGG has the opportunity to create simultaneous projects all over the globe.

The social professional is not only trained to perform with effectiveness and technical prowess, but the opportunity to shake the world in ways never before imagined.

Greatness is measured in speed, accuracy, and heart. SEGG partners will connect online and face-to-face to connect with social entrepreneurs from around the world in launching simultaneous charitable campaigns using their skills in business, engineering, architecture, ethics, project management, social networking, communications, public affairs, environmental protection, international studies and other gender/ethnic relations that affect the daily lives of people closer to SEGG partners.

Our mission is to help organizations quickly assemble and mobilize their campaigns with SEGG's top producers from all walks of life.



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