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The School Settlement Project

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NY budget cuts to afterschool programs for children...  Seriously?!

The afterschool program at School Settlement Association (Sett) was a no fee option to any family in the community who can't pick up their grade school aged child(ren) at 2:30 or 3, because they work until 5 or 6pm.  

Due to these funding cuts, a lottery was held to see which kids would continue attending Sett as usual- with no fee.
As for the kids NOT chosen in the lottery, the cost for them to attend is $2,000. 

Even with Sett staff and administrators doing their very best, the families were made aware of this situation only a week before the first day of school.

Even with little to no competition in the area, they run a top rate program.

The kids know they are cared about at Sett!

Any amount donated is greatly appreciated by these families.
Especially the kids because, well, who wants stressed out moms and/or dads because they JUST bought a ton of school supplies, and now they have to figure out how to swing this extra $2,000 per kid!  

So throw down a few bucks... (or a few hundred.. whatever) and

  • keep these kids AT Sett and OFF the streets.
  • Keep these kids from becoming hooligany whippersnappers who flip you the bird when you tell them to get offa your lawn.
  • Keep these kids in a safe and caring environment because when you're super old, they'll be running your environment!

For me, personally, as much as I want to help, of course, I also want to show these kids that they live in a community that cares; that there are people who care about them.

A community that cares even when the governor isn't telling them that they have to.

I want to show these kids that we can band together and help each other out.  Let your people know about this and see if they can spare some change!

We have 

  • families
  • friends
  • business we patronize on the regular
  • bosses who might need to rack up some karma points
  • random rich people who love the neighborhood and really would like to be a part of the community in a meaningful way, but just aren't sure how.   =)


Don't have the cash?  Share the Link with people who DO!  



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Holly Towers!

Holly Towers!


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