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The Shiloh Stables Mission

Organized by: Shiloh Stables

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Hello, dream makers! My name is Megan, and I am starting this fundraiser for my wife, Audrey. We have loved one another for going on 10 years and have seen the best and worst of what life has to offer. She is a beautiful woman who is passionate and loving, creative and smart. She loves to paint, to make things, to work with her hands. She loves animals, our home is full of rescues that have benefited greatly from her care. People and personal growth are extremely important to her. She has literally saved my life.

When I met her, I was a quiet, shy, introverted girl. I came from a broken home, my mother was a drug addict and I had 2 younger brothers to raise. We were in and out of strange peoples houses, hotels rooms, and often left for days with people we didn't know. I kept what I could away from my brothers to protect them. I only had myself and I was only 3 years older. Needless to say, I was not in a very good place. So, at the age of 17, I met Audrey. I was bitter and angry, mostly anti-social. I saw no future for myself, I didn't cut or lash out on my body, but I often thought of suicide and what it would be like to have my life ended. Everything changed for me when I met her, however. Though in a relationship, she befriended me and slowly pulled me out of my shell. She gave my life new purpose and for the first time, I could see a future for myself.

I came to love and respect her in a way that I had never known was possible. She told me of her hopes and her dreams, all about her life. She was born to a mother who has mental issues and had severe postpartum depression. Dre had to go live with her grandmother because her mother heard voices that told her to kill the baby. Her father had to be out of state working to support them.

Eventually, the family reunited, though her mother still had problems and her father was always at work. She has shared stories with me about her mother locking her in closets for hours, keeping food from her, and telling her how worthless & useless she is. Holidays were the worst, her mother would spend days cleaning, cleaning, rearranging, wiping down everything, cleaning more. She would throw out year old clothes, dishes, furniture and spend a small fortune replacing it all. Audrey would come home to a ransacked room, no clothes, and her mother rearranging the house. Her parents fought a lot and her mother would go off because of some imagined slight, Dre and her father would have to leave the house for hours until she calmed down enough for them to go home.

But through it all, she remained loving and sweet, an amazing person. She was around horses, she worked on a ranch, was in volley-ball and swimming, in year book and Ag. And then she met Angela.

Angela had her own problems, she was selfish and violent, but could be loving and sweet. Their relationship progressed and Angela would beat her. With her hands, kick her, beat her with a horse halter, gave her concussions, black eyes, and bruises. One night, Angela got mad over a bracelet and ended knocking the T.V. over on Audrey's head. Dre loved her and knew that she could help her with her love and time. She gave up everything because they were friends, because they loved each other, and because she thought she could help. But Angela didn't want help, she wanted to be violent and in control.

That's about the time we met and started changing each others lives. But by then, her beloved horse, Hope, had died and her parents split. We were already moved out and on our own.

It has taken me almost 6 years to get her to agree to getting help. She is on anxiety medicine that only takes the edge off and will be starting therapy this week. We've made great progress in helping ourselves..but there's something that's near and dear that I just can't give her.

Her passion, her drive, is horses. She loves them. Around the beauties, she is amazing and confident, she smiles and is almost like a completely different person. The first time I saw her, I cried, it was so different. She was so happy. It is her ultimate dream to own a ranch, Shiloh Stables, where she will keep old, retired, and lame horses. She believes that she can give them a great last home when others would cast them aside. This is the only thing she wants and my ultimate goal in our future. I have a good job but so far, I have not been able to save anything up for down payments on anything.

Please, please help me give this amazing woman her simple dream. Help me help her, help me put that smile on her face and save the lives of old equines. I love her with all my heart and would give her the world, please help me give her just a little piece of it.


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