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The Smartest $10 You'll Spend Today

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I'm a volunteer at the Borgen Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based out of Seattle and staffed entirely by volunteers. The Borgen Project's goal is to lobby legislators to make eliminating global poverty a part of their political platform.

Sure, you don't need to donate here to make a difference in the world. There are plenty of worthy nonprofits out there. But the Borgen Project is different because it takes a unique tactic at chipping away at global poverty. Here are three reasons why donating the cost of three Starbucks drinks to the Borgen Project might be the smartest $10 you spend today.

1. Legislators listen to their constituents. The Borgen Project informs citizens about what they can do to push their representatives and senators to support bills in Congress that advance the goals of the Millennium Development Goals.
2. Foreign aid is good foreign policy. It's pretty simple: countries who benefit from foreign aid have better relationships with the providers of aid. This includes economic development of untapped markets.
3. Foreign aid isn't charity. It's an investment. What the Borgen Project lobbies for isn't throwing tons of money at corrupt governments. Responsible development and investment in foreign countries is the key.

So what makes the Borgen Project unique? For a fraction of a cost of two weeks of an entire team's travel from Seattle to Washington D.C., the Borgen Project sends a small number of lobbyists for a marathon lobbying trip (70+ meetings with Congressional leaders, diplomats, and officials) spanning a few days. For an all-volunteer nonprofit, that's pretty smart use of your money.



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