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Our Mission:

Is to foster positive growth pathways for children through sports and activities. In collaboration with schools, organizations, communities, professionals and parents, The Sports Family Club hopes to develop a healthy environment for all children to participate in youth sports and activities to a higher level than they currently have access. The Sports Family Club fosters empowerment in all adults involved with youth sports and activities to maintain the proper perspective that youth sports are for and about children. The goals within our educational offerings are simple and forthright. Our top priority is developing the child participant’s confidence, self-esteem and respect for all involved with the particular game. We believe in fostering a passion for the activity through enjoyment, not results.

Our Vision:

That all children will enjoy sports for what they are...games! That children will reap the many benefits of sports and activities and improve their overall health, development and well-being. The Sports Family Club is committed to ensuring that our sports and physical activities will teach positive character building, team work, overcoming adversity and provide an opportunity to make friends for life. The Sports Family Club works to see that through sports childhood obesity, delinquency, and other risks of childhood will be ameliorated, thereby proving less of a burden on society and developing individuals, and looks to sports to provide a positive impact on children, family, and community.