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Summer Film program in Accra, Ghana

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The TKAFoundation or (Tomorrow’s Kaleidoscope of Artists) is a huge supporter of the arts and embarks on contributing back to charities that encourage arts education. One of the front runners of the charities we support is AKOSIA, a non-profit organization that develops and facilitates creative projects for underprivileged children all over the world.

Street Academy is a charitable initiative, started by Ataa Lartey – a sports enthusiast and a social worker, that provides basic education for street children who would otherwise not have the option of going to school. Currently there are 80 pupils who are fed, clothed and attend daily lessons at the school. In addition, a further 400 are sponsored. Each summer the school is closed and consequently the students have to find a job to make ends meet. It is not uncommon to find an 8 year old selling chewing gum at traffic lights; and often they will not return to school, becoming a street hawker. This is where we come in :)

The summer will be spent on a creative filmmaking journey, involving writing, set-design, costume making, acting and shooting. The aim is to let the children produce the films as independently as possible, providing them with tools and technical skills where necessary. This way, we hope that the children will get the chance to see themselves in a different light and that this will inspire them to become more confident in their creative abilities. At the end of the summer,  a mini film festival will be held in order to bring the community together! 

In addition to learning the art of filmmaking, we will organize afternoon sporting and art activities to keep their energy flowing. Our team will work closely with the children in order to stimulate their creativity and imagination whilst also developing a community of trust and team work.

Our project could not exist without the generous donations that we receive from our supporters who believe in what we do. With every penny we receive, we will deliver the world of art in a rewarding experience as humanly possible for the children we work with. Please note as much as we appreciate donations in monetary funds, we are also interested and happy to get help in kind. Please let us know how you can help us this way.

TKAFoundation is a youth education and eco-friendly lifestyle non-profit organization currently applying for 501(c)(3) status. All donations made will be rendered tax-exempt upon government approval of TKAFoundation’s 501(c)(3) application.

AKOSIA is a small charity (Registered Chairty Number 1136140) that facilitates creative projects for underprivileged children and women.



$20/day per child for the AKOSIA 2011 project. This includes

- 2 meals a day

- Approximately 6 hours of film/video teaching & activities

- School supplies

- Uniform (2 T-shirts)

- Sneakers for technical crew for the kids (Teaching the kids the importance of safety on set)


Program runs for 5 weeks, 5 days a week from 8:30am - 1:30pm

For a child to complete this program it would cost $500 

The program accommodates for 40-45 children.



Personal Thank you card from a student at the Street Academy: $5

Thank you card and TKAfoundation pin: $10

Thank you Charm Bracelet (Unisex), TKAfoundation pin and a Thank you card: $20

Handmade Wallet, Charm Bracelet (Unisex), TKAfoundation pin, and a Thank you card: $30

Personalized video thanking you for your support, handmade Wallet, Charm Bracelet (Unisex) and a  Thank you card: $50

Signed behind the scenes photograph, personalized video thanking you for your support, handmade Wallet,  Charm Bracelet (Unisex) and a Thank you card: $100


How your donations help!

With the money we raise we will be able to buy materials needed for project in Ghana 2011 including:


Food (Breakfast/Lunch)   

Teaching materials


Paper (Blank/Lined/Construction)

Communication (Pay as you go mobile phones)

Paint /Paint brushes

Transportation (Car rental in Accra,  Ghana)


Film Production items

10 Tapes/ 3 16GB Cards

2 Hard Disk

Building material to make a small outdoor cinema

Marketing and advertising for the screening

Film locations (Areas of Accra, Ghana)

Local production support (hiring local resident)


Production Insurance



Cameras (2 DV/5D/Flip cameras) and tripods

A few small lights

2 Boom microphones


Extra weight on baggage for equipment

Equipment Insurance

Please help this foundation  in anyway you can, no donation is too small (or too large)! 
"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." - Derek C. Bok



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TKA is working on selecting a charity so you can support Summer Film program in Accra, Ghana.