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CROWDRISE : Mar 21, 2013
Tax ID: 27-1310395
BASED: Oak Park, IL, United States


Developing Soulutions

We serve three basic functions. To start, develop and manage social enterprises with an emphasis on job creation for the poorest among us. To prepare individuals for employment at one of our social enterprises through intense training and personal development. To provide opportunities for marketplace leaders to support our work with time, talent and treasure.

The Stewards Market has been involved with Youth Entrepreneurship since 2006 and continues to develop innovative methods to training and encouraging entrepreneurship throughout Chicago’s most under-resourced communities. The Stewards Market has launched and currently manages three social enterprises and has partnered with a two more. Our portfolio of social enterprises includes an apparel business, a recording studio, a recycling service and cooking business. From 2006 – 2012, The Stewards Market provided training to over 600 participants, created 23 new employment positions and experienced revenue growth each year.

Tax ID: 27-1310395 •


Soulution: A revolution of the soul.

Soulution: A revolution of t…

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