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The Syrian Refugee Committee

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EVENT: Syria Relief Efforts

Save Syria


          The Syrian Refugee Committee, in light of recent events, was created to reach one main goal: to raise awareness within our community about the importance of helping Syrians and other refugees when they desperately seek the world's aid. Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria in 2011, more than 250,000 people have been killed, and an estimated 7.6 million Syrians have been forced to flee to neighboring refugee camps, with approximately 4 million leaving the country altogether. To many, these may seem like ordinary numbers, but let us not forget that these people are no different than us and that the value of their lives is more than just a mere statistic. We are all human regardless of our race, ethnicity, or religion. 
          Our campaign’s message is "Children of Syria Are Children of the World." Living in the U.S., we are really privileged to have a home, our family, food, clean water, and so on. Because we are so privileged, we tend to neglect such issues and we become distant from reality. Even if we wish to, we would be incapable of empathizing with Syrians and placing ourselves in their shoes. What they are going through is undoubtedly terrifying and something nobody should have to face. These innocent lives do not deserve to go through such harrowing violence that is physically and psychologically scarring them. As humans sharing one world, we are obligated to care for one another and ensure the safety and well-being of this planet and all who live on it. The Syrian Refugee Committee's final message is please do not turn your back on Syrians, and please be aware of everything going on in this world; we live in a truly frightening time.
          As of now, UNICEF runs a campaign to support Syrian refugee children. Since children are the most affected by human rights infringements (lack of education, deprivation of clean water and food, housing, health care, etc.), we agreed that they should be the focus of our campaign. Thus, we will raise donations to fund UNICEF for refugee children. Moreover, in order to gain governmental recognition and support of the issue, we also plan to raise awareness. If we neglect these children now, soon enough they may not have a childhood at all. 



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