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EVENT DATE: Feb 01, 2014

Irfan Maulana


First of all I would like to say : 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May God Bless You and Your Family with Peace, Joy and Love!


There is a remote village on Central Java - Indonesia where my mother live, the village surrounded by forests, distance to nearest big city are around 30 - 40 mile with through the woods and just passable on foot.

No Internet Access, No Phone Signal, No Entertainment, Limited Electricity... they are all ISOLATED.

The Telescoproject is a project to bring science to the village, would be very useful for the entire village.

For adults, mainly to guess the weather from star sightings, so they can decide to plant or not. This will greatly affect the success of their harvest.

For kids, astronomy is a source of inspiration to acquire knowledge about the universe and consider careers in science.

The Telescoproject is about more than science, but as an entertainment to make them happy!

This is a cool project, they can see how widespread the world starts from here...

The Telescoproject can change their world and make them happy!

But not possible to buy telescopes and brought it there with the poor road access, so I just brought the material to be made there.

I found a site as a guide : How to Build a Telescope. If I get more funds, a guide from this site is good : Homemade 12.5 inch Dobsonian Telescope. Also I need This Book to get more reference.


Cost for every telescope is $500 - $1,000.. and I have plans to build 5 - 10 telescopes to be distributed to the entire the village and schools, the project goal : $5,000. Even if don’t reach the goal, at least I can build some.

Estimated time to complete :

  • Order the materials : 2 weeks - 1 month
  • Build the telescope : 1 - 3 weeks

So I need time at least 1 month, my target is to finish all after the end of the rainy season in February 2014. This is a long journey :).

Please support us to reach our goal

Very lucky I found this site, never too late to do some good. If there was ever a good reason to donate money to a good cause it is now!

Christmas and new year kindness will bring blessings to you!

Please help us raise this money and share my campaign, many thanks :)



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Irfan is working on selecting a charity so you can support THE TELESCOPROJECT.