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For the next 30 days only (August) there is a 4X donation match that will take us across the finish line and open the doors to the Makerspace! That’s right. As you are reading this, we are on target to finish Phase One - on budget and, because of your support, we are almost there. We are positioned to gain occupancy permits to our building and launch our kids and adult programs by SEPTEMBER FIRST--just in time for the school year.

4X Donation Match for the next 30 days only! That means your $100 donation = $500. The final $50k we need to open the doors will be 4x matched - an additional $200k! This is a huge opportunity to completely finish Phase 1 AND simutaneously fully fund Phase 2. So that means that not only will the building be completed with Phase 1, but Phase 2 allows the MakerSpace to be open and staffed all day every day, sustainably! Now is the time to recruit family and friends to help us cross the finish line and gain occupancy permits to our 25,000 sqft building and launch the MakerSpace. 50k=250k. WOW! Here we go!

This is ALL or NOTHING. IF we succeed in raising the final 50K in 30 days, then UFG has decided to 4X Match this campaign by acquiring a low interest loan tied to the buildings that will house our Makerspace and many neighborhood programs. We are on the lookout for sponsors to join us in raising the last $50,000 which will then be matched 4X - an additional 200K.

With 75% completed on budget and $150k already invested, we are nearing the finish line and we believe, with your help, we will be opening a space this fall for the kids of Lykins neighborhood that will positively change lives forever! It will be a model seed for neighborhood regeneration and empowerment.

If you can donate $100, $50, or $20 to make this Makerspace dream finally become a reality, you will be a legacy changer for the kids of Lykins. Urban Farming Guys is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, all donations are tax deductible. $100 = $500.

We are inviting you to join us in this winning moment to finish the funding and begin the life changing work. WE CAN’T STALL OUT NOW! WE’RE TOO CLOSE! JOIN US AND WE WILL MATCH THE FINAL DONATION 4X!

Who we are:

“The Urban Farming Guys” are a passionate band of pioneers working and living fully immersed in one of the most dangerous inner city zip-codes in the U.S. 64127 in the urban core of Kansas City. Beginning with no money, & no buildings , we began to pour our lives into hundreds of youth within walking distance of our inner-city homes, and something great began to emerge. Our organization has been informally working in the inner city of Kansas City for over eight years but we were officially established as a 501c3 in 2012. Our home base is in an area of the city that is plagued with hopelessness and more than half of students not graduating high school in the first four years. Many children with only one parent and a serious lack of mentors and role models within reach. We are at a very catalytic moment in our history. In the last few years, our organization's efforts have come into full bloom. Many people within walking distance of our home base have joined the cause and are now deeply involved in our daily operations to help others. Young people from the neighborhood are receiving 40 hours a week apprenticeship training as a part of our Internship to Ownership Program! Individuals who have become notorious for crime and destruction are beginning to turn their lives around. Some of the best folks from our team have come right from the block, talent & beauty growing right out of the ground around us. We serve the poor of the earth and the next generation by raising up indigenous leaders. Our mission is to help establish sustainable communities in the most difficult places on earth.

Today something is brewing that will multiply our impact ten times over, taking our work to the next level and to other cities. Something that will reach hundreds of kids in our neighborhood. It is a huge space, a 25,000 square ft building, owned debt free on a main street on our block. In this space we will scholorship many kids from within Lykins neighborhood to grow in their skills and talents and even entrepreneurship. It is a place where community classes will be going on every night of the week. Utilizing our strengths of entrepreneurship and an army of several hundred volunteers throughout the year, we are launching a “MakerSpace” also described as a community-innovation-DIY space. Recently purchased we are renovating this place into a place where the people can come to create, only limited by their own imagination. This space could include the following: robotics, art, woodworking, 3d printing, computer lab, welding, sewing, recording studio, etc. Imagine an incubator that spawns new entrepreneurs and businesses by fostering mentoring relationships with young people in our community. True transformation comes from within and works its way out; we’ve seen this model work and it is the antithesis to gentrification by going to places too dangerous for investors to follow, too far beyond the fringes, while empowering people from within the community to become catalytic within their own community and have the greatest possible impact. One of the greatest aspects of this plan is that it will be financially self-sufficient and will be maintained and grown from its own success. Currently, we own the building debt free and future funding for other projects will come from a subscription model (like a gym membership). We anticipate a few hundred people willing to pay a monthly fee to gain access to the space and the tools this environment will offer, making it possible to scholarship kids from the neighborhood.

People are dropping off computers, equipment and tools every day.

We believe this place will become a destination location, a spawning ground for innovation, a creative laboratory within reach of the people.  All of the right ingredients and inspiration in one accessible place.   Many many bright people will come to pour their lives into the youth here in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, spawning hundreds of programs in the future.

The projects that will result from your funding will make a difference in the lives thousands of people across the planet through the multiplication of our videos, but most importantly it will intercept the path of our urban youth for good and set forth a strong model for urban transformation from the inside out: The project will take 6-9 months for launch time and $200,000 to fully launch out in a sustainable way.  A project budget has been prepared and the following concrete results are expected:   

-A non-profit financially sustainable “makerspace” launched within 9 months and have over 100 paid members in the first year.   

-200 youth scholarshipped and engaged with mentors in the makerspace

-30-50 adult mentors engaged with 2-5 youth within the makerspace on a daily to weekly basis.

-An inner city robotics team formed within 2-4 years.

-10-20 legitimate inner city businesses spawned out of the makerspace within 3 years. 100’s over time

-An informal skilled trade school that will likely become formal over the course of the next 3 years.

-Financial Strength from within to begin to launch the model into the next broken neighborhood and city.

-Hundreds of low tech DIY solutions for third world countries prototyped, tested and improved upon in a open source online library of downloadable plans and systems such as the fish farm we built in india, to the biogas system we built to provide cooking fuel for 4 families.

-And Lastly a source of hope for the next generation.

We are experiencing a momentum here that is steady and earthshaking with a  “never-say-die” attitude that separates our team of urban pioneers from other organizations with more-adequate funding.  We invite you to research our organization and mission via our web site or over a personal visit to our campus. We will be glad to submit a full proposal with additional information for your further review.  


Also see our 2013 year in review here:


Wrapping up:

Ultimately, the building is a tangible injection of hope and opportunity into an uninspired community, plagued by obscene dropout rates and criminal activity. The opportunities that will be provided through the renovation of this space will drive education, entrepreneurialism, and economic sustainability. We appreciate the opportunity to work together.

Jason Fields


The Urban Farming Guys 501c3

1121 Myrtle Ave

Kansas City, MO 64127

The Team: $156,142 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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