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Samaritans of RI

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EVENT: Citizens Bank Pell Bridge Run 2014

EVENT DATE: Oct 26, 2014

Deb Mehringer


Each year Toby and I choose a non-profit to support, it's our way of trying to give back to this little state that gives so much to us.  This week brought a dirty secret to forefront.  Mental illness is a real disease, just like any other major organ that can develop disease so can the brain,  yet we sweep it under the rug like it is a disgrace or it's something that should not be talked about...  Well, nothing can be farther from the truth.  Please join us in supporting the Samaritans of RI.  They are the quiet soldiers that try to make a difference when a desperate person feels that they have no where else to turn.  Most of us have suffered or will suffer depression in our lives, wether it's after a life change, stress triggered, post partum or like me S.A.D.  It's not a choice or something that can be "helped", and it can't be magically snapped out of, but having a support system like the Samaritans is a God send for people who are walking that very dangerous tight rope...  We hope you will join us in trying to make a difference. 




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Deb is working on selecting a charity so you can support Samaritans of RI.