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The Wildlife Genome Project

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The average person woefully underestimates the dangers of mass extinction.
99% of all life to ever live on Planet Earth is now extinct, so from that statistic that Earth is already extremely bad for life with natural extinction level events, and sadly we humans aren’t making the situation any better driving countless and even unknown species to extinction.
Biocide is occurring at an alarming rate. Experts say that at least half of the world’s current species will be completely gone by the end of the century and nature will take millions of years to repair what we destroy in just a few decades.
Bigger Threat than Global Warming: Mass Species Extinction
With that being said I’m hoping to raise the funds to start a wildlife genome project by cataloging the genetic blueprints of all species on Earth. Aside from those already sequenced, we plan on starting with the most endangered, then the vital species, and lastly all the rest.
Part of this will have to include wildlife exploration and work to identify undiscovered species as well, so they too can be cataloged.
With increased global warming, habitat destruction, not knowing when there will be another extinction level event, and learning from Earth’s history that sooner or later a single planet species does not survive, I believe this is the best short term solution to save as many species as fast as possible and be able to preserve them for future generations.
In the long term, in collaboration with our climate change reversal, wildlife protection, NEO protection, and planet terra formation plans our ultimate goal is to make extinction level events history and never see a species lost ever again!



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