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The Book Launch Revolution

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"The hardest step of all is the first step in a new activity." ... Brian Tracy

And yes, this is my first step of my first serious activity.

Short Summary

I’ve studied Civil Engineering in IAU but, I found my passion in the Internet & Marketing and started back in 2010. Since then I’ve been working on many successful projects and then I joined BusinessMaker of Australia (for two years) as the consultant and marketing expert.

As a Young, Ready, Hungry Entrepreneur and Strategic Business Growth Think, I have a vision to put a ding in the universe by sharing my message and give a chance to everybody to live a rich life and be the richest person in the world.

There are 3 exclusive things about me (K1) to remember:

I’m the person who has never worked for anybody else in his career life because he always hired by himself to turn his ideas into new experience and to align and engage others to join his tribe.
I’m the first person who RE-DEFINED rich concept for the first time in history by his book in The World’s First Official Book Event.
I consider myself to be Steve Job’s biggest mentee, that’s how people and my friends describe me.
Let’s Change The World by Building A Rich World!

Why This Campaign is Important?

I will give you 3 reasons that WHY this campaign is so important:

1) I need you to be with me on this journey to change the world, I need your help to share my massage because I will deliver value and that value is the big promise of my book: How to be the RICHEST person in the world? What you think?

2) I want to raise fund and awareness on the marketplace by adding/giving value. I have fresh, unique and original content to share and as we all know: Content is King!

3) My book is ready to launch and I want to launch it in a way that other authors have no clue! Yes, I’m going to create a new book launch formula. I want to host “The World’s First Official Book Launch Event” for the first time in history in an exclusive style just like Steve Jobs. It’s going to be a tool to change the world, entire book industry, author space and product launch formula.

I’m a serious RISK TAKER and I'm proud of it. I invested the last 2 years of my life (full-time) on self-educating by 97+ self-made millionaires and mentors creations because my mentor Jim Rohn says: Work harder on yourself than you do on your job and I’m glad that I just did it great.

What i Need?

Why I need $50,000 to make this possible:

My book is The World’s First Book that would be available on all platforms with all formats and versions, it will be offer in 4 main types (shapes) for all types of audiences: Book, eBook (all current versions), Audio book and Mobile App (for all current platforms) so I need $20,000 for book production.
I need $10,000 to get the place (Dubai World Trade Center) that I want to host my event, video production, sound technologies…
I need $20,000 to invite 2 VIP attendees who are 2 bestseller authors and gurus in Self-Help category (people like: Brian Tracy, Brendon Burchard, Anthony Robbins, … are on this list) to help me market my book to their millions of customers. I got to pay their flight tickets, hotels, meals and other hospitality services for 3 days in Dubai. I also have 3 Aussie partners (with 1M+ unique customers) to market my book and I will invite them if I’d raise more fund out of this campaign
What You Get?

Tremendous value: sponsorship opportunities, free copies of my book, be a VIP attendee, spend 2 nights in … meeting with me and other VIPs . We will cover your 2 nights in a hotel, all of your meals covered and some entertainment activities of our choice. Spend this time with us having fun and discussing potential partnership opportunities. This will be a laid back, fun environment yet business focused + Previous Rewards (Priceless)

Where the funds go if I don’t reach my entire goal?

Here are my priorities:

Book production, event hosting, VIP invitation.

The Impact (World Changing Results):

The New Definition of RICH Concept and How to be the RICHEST person in the world, that’s what my book is all about.
New Book Launch Formula (style) for authors and content owners to generate more revenue.
New Product Launch Formula (I want to add one more step to Jeff Walker’s PLF).
By doing this, I will create an icon on the marketplace so my potential partners and jv’s who are current market leaders will be align and engage to help me share my message and change the world faster.
Other Ways You Can Help

I know that some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help. You can get the word out and make some noise about my campaign and if you have a list, do me a favor and email this to them (probably it’s the best help ever!).

And that’s all about this campaign.



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