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ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation

Founded by America's neurosurgeons, for more than 25 years ThinkFirst has been the leader in evidence based injury prevention school programs. Tax ID 36-3730822


Each year, tens of thousands of children, teens and young adults incur devastating brain and spinal cord injuries which could have been prevented, simply by making safe choices. We teach kids about their brain and spinal cord and then how to “use your mind to protect your body"- buckle your seatbelt, wear a helmet, avoid violence, check the depth of the water before diving in, don't drive distracted or impaired - or ride with anyone who is - and more. VIP speakers share their personal stories; the choices they made, and what living with a traumatic injury is all about. Please donate to help us continue FREE educational presentations in schools across the country. Visit our website for more information or to find a chapter near you.