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Seth and Lauren Rogen's Fundraiser:

This Is Alzheimer's

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Seth and Lauren Rogen


THIS IS ALZHEIMER’S is a feature length film documenting what Alzheimer’s Disease looks like in three very different situations.

Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating disease. There is no cure. The cause, treatments, and even proper diagnosis are still a huge mystery and unfortunately, proper awareness of this horrible disease is even more mysterious.

Our younger generation often equates Alzheimer’s with a dementia that simply makes older people forget where they put their car keys—not at all the reality of what it means to truly lose one’s memory. 

How about witnessing your father getting lost in his own backyard because he forgot that one step in front of the other means walking? How about watching your mother strapped down to a chair in case she falls during dinner? Or how about explaining to your children that their 30 year old father soon won’t remember their names or that he’s their father altogether? This is Alzheimer’s, and it’s not a disease just for the old. It’s a disease whose pervasiveness is growing and as our population ages so will the number of Alzheimer’s patients. We need to engage and inform our younger generations so no one is left in the dark.

THIS IS ALZHEIMER’S takes a first-hand look at families coping with Alzheimer’s and will allow those who have been fortunate enough to not witness the disease firsthand to learn what Alzheimer’s disease is like through relatable human stories; and the millions who have experienced the disease will see that they are not alone. This film does not focus on the science behind the disease, but simply paints a portrait of how devastating the effects of this disease can truly be for the millions of people who are currently living with it, and the many more who it will be affected by it as it continues to grow. 



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