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Raising Awareness and Fundraiser to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

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An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by a partner each year.  85% of domestic violence victims are women. Domestic violence ("DV") can happen to anyone, lawyers, doctors, secretaries, cashiers and the person sitting next to you on the subway, bus or in Church. DV is a horrible thing to go through for obvious reasons, but it also effects that person mentally, emotionally and every aspect of their life on a daily basis. DV does not only affect the victim, it affects their children and it can even affect the victims parents, siblings and friends. Your donation can help victims of DV by giving them a place to stay, helping the YWCA give the resources they need in the way of jobs, counseling, legal services, finding a place to stay, etc. Please consider helping someone today. Thank you.